Expedia (EXPE): And the Correction has Started!!

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Here is Expedia (EXPE) where the five wave sequence up had completed and price turned. It turned down very quickly and I'm sure many were surprised. However, this is just the start of a major correction to be had.

The MACD is oversold and the price is expected to have its B wave rally. This will reignite the bullish sentiment and many will likely think that it's all over and to the moon! However, the red C wave lingers and so be aware and cautious. The decline for C wave is usually the longest and scariest because it impulses downward. Would you be a seller or a buyer at this point?

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perfect analysis

Good analysis on Expedia (EXPE). Expedia (EXPE) has a bright future for investors.

Make a financial analysis impeccable and very successful, I follow your publications to be aware of everything, thank you.

Awesome, looking forward to more on Expedia. Your analysis is in line with what I've been thinking as well.

I'll just do some follow up on the crypto to be sure I want to invest in it...
Thanks for the insight by the way