I've Stumbled Upon HYIP Site Which Seems To Be Paying (For Now)

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There Are Things We Must Try Ourselves to See For Ourselves! Investing May be One.

Who doesn't want to invest like rich? I'm sure I do, but how easy or how hard could it be for an ordinary person like me to do so?

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I won't lie to you guys. I want to be rich! There are many reasons a person could have why he wants to be rich. For me, it's to help whoever helped me when I've got nothing. It sounds hypocrite guys I know but what do I care? That's the truth and I believe everyone has a right to believe in what they want to believe in.

I've been living in this world searching for answer why I'm living and I haven't found any answer yet. It's like an unending journey when you thought you found the thing you want the most, there comes another to catch your attention and makes you realize what you're currently holding in your hands is not a piece of gold but just a piece worthless stone.

Well, too much for my imagination and sentiments. Let's go to what this post's topic should be. It may not be very appealing to everyone because even I know for a fact many HYIP ( High Yield Investment Programs) are just scams. I've been scammed too before. It was not a very good experience but something to learn from. Sometimes, life allows us to make mistakes for us to grow even smarter.

If you want to check if out, you can visit the site here

Some Screenshots for You to See:

Here are some of the proof that I received payment from this site dogeminer.cc. I'm not expecting any good results from the beginning but I was surprised when I received a payment from them!


I've received couple of payments already from this site to my Coinpot microwallet. You can visit the Coinpot site here

These are just small amounts because I totally thought I wouldn't receive any payment from them since it's a HYIP site and it's perfectly understandable if many are afraid to enter to this kind of programs. Even I don't still trust it 100%. I just wanna test it out to see if it's paying or not. So far it's been paying me.


As you can see, you're allowed to use your balance to reinvest for compounding earnings. I know this kind of programs may not be very sustainable at the long run so better be careful when you're entering any HYIP sites. Again, I was just testing this one and still testing it to see how long it will last.



They have several investment plans you can choose from. I suggest if you want to try it for yourself, you can start with the minimum 300 Doge investment 4.75% per day. It's around 40% profit in a month excluding the principal investment. As I said, I'm not trusting it 100% yet so invest at your own risk.

How to Register?


  1. Click here to register or click the banner below
  2. In the home page, click the one that says "Input Your Dogecoin Address"(excluding quote)
  3. Click "START MINING" button and there you go!

    To log in, you just have to enter the Dogecoin address that you used to register. It's actually pretty simple. I've got my initial investment with this site so far and I'm not yet sure if I'm gonna add more or just used the profit that I got from them by reinvesting what's on my current balance.

DogeMiner - Mine and Earn free Dogecoin

Disclaimer: Again guys, this is HYIP and not all of them are legit. You must review it thoroughly first before investing any amount. Invest at your own risk! Please do not invest what you cannot afford to lose! Good luck! :-)

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