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RE: Your Most Important Education Is Your Financial One

in #money4 years ago

So true! Many people are just a few lost paychecks from everything falling down around them. It is like those buildings made for movies that are just a front with no actual substance behind them.

They have the best of everything, car, phone, house - but it is all on payments. People are conned into thinking they can afford it because they can make the payments on it. It is why car salesmen just talk about the payments and not the total cost. The fools aren't thinking it through!


Yeah I usually think about not making payments on things but after years of sacrifice sometimes I do wonder if I have made the right choice. Right now I'm in an annoying situation with my house to tell you the truth and tons of bills have been piling in. Including an issue with a tooth. I'm going to take my chances in Nogalas, Mexico tomorrow to get it worked on.

We used a dentist in Los Algodones that was awesome. You might go that direction instead. It's a well known dental hub. The guy we used is a Harvard grad, I think.

Thanks for the advice. I have a friend who grew up in Mexico and she has US and Mexican citizenship so she is going down there with me. The place we are going to was recommended to her by a family member so I kind of feel better about the situation than if I was just going to walk across the border and walk into a dentist office. There are a lot of dentist in walking distance of the border in Nogales as well.

Enjoy! We're supposed to go down again shortly. Wifey needs a lot of dental work done.