Silver - Where do we go from here?

in money •  3 years ago 

Now that the December lows have been taken out, will we continue down?


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The recent Flash Crash at $14.43 set the bottom. It's not going lower than $14.43. Will it get back done to there? Probably not, I'm thinking not even below $15.50. (The Flash Crash was 'supposedly' a glitch. That's not true. Somebody, somewhere just dropped out at that level.)

Any further down starts getting into production cost and then not profitable, I say let them drag it down to 10.00!!!!
I will back the truck up😉

It is always darkest before the dawn. These moves down can break the will of even the most devoted silver bug. I will note that the COT report shows that the commercials are covering their shorts and adding to their longs in both gold and silver. Hmmm.