Good day Steemit! "The Rock Test", life advice from Stocktoberfest and some market thoughts

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img credz: GQ via ET

Good morning traders! I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! Let's recap some interesting things, before we move to the markets and charts ;)

  • Hilarious "The Rock Test" for sexually agressive men - just pretend the woman you're talking to is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Via

And now we have even endorsement from The Rock himself. You just have to love this guy.


  • how to know if you drank too too much? Life advice from Stocktoberfest via Anna-Louise Jackson (Twitter)

  • Saudi Aramco considers postponing/skipping international ICO as oil prices recover slowly, via FinancialTimes

Alright, let's grab some charts too, before we head on to enjoy the rest of our Sundays.

BTSBTC wedge getting tighter...
btsbtc wedge is getting tighter.PNG

USDJPY rounded top working it's magic
usdjpy rounded top working its magic.PNG

WTI (USOIL) - a chart to watch, pressure is to the upside
wti this is the chart to watch pressure to the upside.PNG

EURUSD if the H&S works, the target is clear, yet i am inclined to believe we run to the upside instead.
eurusd daily hs if works target clear but feels like a pullback and retst of highs.PNG

USDCAD the obvious resistance.
usdcad just noticed the turn at obvious res.PNG

Alright guys, girls, let's stop right here and continue in the beginning of next week... no need to overwork ;)

Enjoy your weekends!


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Have a great week mate.


Cheers bro! Looking forward to the rollercoaster already 😃

You rock @furious-one !

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TheRock Dwayne Johnson tweeted @ 11 Oct 2017 - 22:48 UTC

Cool to see the big response to this from @annevclar. When you men approach woman, just think of me 🤙🏾#TheRockTest…

ALJax7 Anna-Louise Jackson tweeted @ 13 Oct 2017 - 15:10 UTC

Life advice via @StockTwits
#bitcoin #stocktoberfest

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I Love The Rock,

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