Bits and pieces - Bitshares Chrome plugin and what's Red Bull up to?

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The rollercoaster of cryptpcurrencies continues, sometimes brutal, sometimes forgiving. Lets leave price out of the dicussion today and see what I have picked up recently.

Apparently @xeroc has been working on a Bitshares browser plugin. Bitshares is currently my undisputed favourite DEX, so a browser plugin of it would fit well between my other giants - Scatter, Metamask etc.

bitshres chrome plugin.JPG
The browser plugin in question via xeroc

Now, there's not much to talk about it, as this is new to me. Alas, after spending a hefty amount of money on developing the Chrome extension, xeroc has no time to work on it, but is looking for devs to take development over.

Interested? Know someone who would make wonders out of it? Spread the word

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Red Bull and Swarovski entering the crypto scene

img credz:

Another cryptocurrency token is born and you can get it too - meet KIN. It's a complex mess of kins'n'kiks and various partnerships, so try to keep up.

A Canadian messaging app, Kik, is providing Red Bull (the energy drink company) and Swarovski (the Austrian leading glass producer) with a possibility for customer feedback surveys and polls, by integrating a chatbot named Swelly into it's platforms.


Keeping up so far? Good!

Kik launched it's Android app recently, KinIt, which doubles as a crypto wallet for their internal token, Kin. Since the KinIt app from Kik allows bots (well, much like Telegram), users can earn the KIN token by answering questionnaires, polls, surveys etc.

Anyway, Red Bull and Swarovski are one of the first to test-drive this service for Swelly

Phew, got that out of my system. Actually writing down all these 3-letter names made me actually remember them. Whether the token is actually good and worth anything, is up to you to decide, but enough of lurking around here. Head to their website and test-drive it yourself -


Talking about energy drinks, are you still suffering with hodling your portfolio? Do not worry, support is on the way - get some HODL:


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It's just amazing being part of this process. Fabian (@xeroc) as one of my undisputed GREAT devs in BitShares and his constant contribution to it definitely gives certain encouragement to others to join and do more... If not, they all get some very nice tools for free :D

Btw, @clockwork and Stefan from Blockchain Projects BV done this (its based on Scatter):

  1. BitShares Companion - (Scatter for BTS wrapped in Vue framework)
  2. BitShares Voting Widget :)

Check it out @furious-one and get ready for more coming from your favorite DEX - BitShares



Note that Stefan is part of Blockchain Projects BV and not associated with the BBF.


Sorry @xeroc, my bad 100%

Edited above


Thanks for these, cheers!

a new concept and an awesome KIN token is born.I would like to download the messaging app, Kik,and participate in customer feedback, surveys and polls to generate crypto and hodl some in the near future. also would love to celebrate with hodl premium crypto energy drink on the day BTC will be worth $50,000

Cryptocurrancy is the money exchanging market in the world

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Bitmatket also promoting itself day by day through all sources and all the purposes..
Its a bright shine of Bitcoin market fro future.