FOMO???...More like FO(BI)MO... 6 Month sabbatical... Big Mistake!!!

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I've been away from steemit (and the crypto world) for nearly half a year. Why?

Lingering procrastination?
Lack of faith?

I honestly don't know. It was probably a little bit of everything. But I know <> now that, whatever the reason, I need to dust myself off, and go again. But this time, stick with it.

A few weeks before christmas, I started thinking about Bitcoin again, bit hard not to, with cookies turning up everywhere. I logged into my Bittrex, Bitfinex etc. and looked at how everything was doing; my jaw dropped to the floor. I just wanted to cry. I also wanted to punch the fuck out of my own face.

Now, with the distraction of christmas out the way, and I'm over the shock of the 'herd-of-bulls' in the crypto market; I'm back, and raring to go!

Is this because it's the New Year, and I've convinced myself this year will be different? That I'll be more motivated, just because one digit has changed on a calendar.


New years are overrated!

It's partly because I looked at my Digibyte wallet, and saw it had quadrupled in value.

But it's mainly because:


Whoa! Sorry about the self-flagellating rant there!

So, why all the hate towards myself?

Early 2017 I researched Bitcoin, Steemit, Cryptocurrency etc. I told all my friends and family about how good Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency is, and how much it was going to grow, but didn't actually invest in any myself (Apart from a little bit here and there) HOW DUMB IS THAT? I'm so angry that I didn't trust my own instincts, and put my savings into Bitcoin. (My family also wished they'd listened)

I had a little bit of money (around £2K) that I could've spent on Bitcoin, instead, I purchased some equipment I needed for a start-up I'm doing. The stupid thing is; since then, I've had the equipment in storage, and I can't even continue with the startup, until I build up my finances again.

So the reason I'm back is because, I will NOT miss out again, I really didn't like that FOBIMO (FUCKED OFF BECAUSE I MISSED OUT) feeling. I will go back over my research, and concentrate my money, and time on cryptocurrencies, and writing content for steemit. I honestly think there's still plenty more to come.

I welcome any recommendations or advice.

This isn't my first post back, I posted one of my fictional short-stories earlier, if any of you are interested here's the link:


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The same thing happened to me, combined with other personal issues. Just got back in the game.