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Digital Nomad Talk | Our Top 4 Professions for Working Online

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Social Media Manager

Nowadays Social Media is developing very fast. The audience of social media is also really abundant. For example, the audience of Instagram, which is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, is now more than 700 million people, although just in December there were only 600 million people using this platform. Of course businesses, even small solopreneurs, start using it as well to get the attention of their potential customers.

This means, there is a big demand for social media managers. More importantly – everything you need for this job is your smartphone & the Internet. You can work from wherever you want, during your surfing holidays in Bali or during a walking tour in some European capital. And with the help of Social Media Managing Tools like Buffer or HootSuite you can prepare all the posts beforehand and enjoy German beer at Oktoberfest, while your information will be posted automatically to the accounts you’re managing.

I am personally working right now as a Social Media Manager for a Finnish organization from the Czech Republic. Usually, I prepare posting the evening before with the help of mentioned tools, this allows being consistent and organized. But yes, sometimes I make posts on the same day as well.

Affiliate Marketing

A great way to earn a substantial income is by promoting products and services online to people that need it. Nowadays, you don't even have to develop your own products or services. Large companies that are already successful and are making a lot of money, recruit people to help them sell their products. For referring someone to that company you will get paid a commission on the sale.

The best way to go about this is to join a program that offers many of these products. Try Shareasale or Clickbank, the membership is free. Once inside find a product that you have experience using or selling. The more knowledge you have on your product the better. The last step is to promote the products on your website, blog, social media, and sometimes offline.

There are some techniques that really skyrocket your success, that take a little time to learn. This is a great way to earn an income online because you can help connect products to people that need them, and make a decent living doing so!


A copywriter is also a profession which you can do easily online. There are two options for organizing work. You can work for one or two organizations and consistently create texts related to one topic (beauty, construction, automotive etc.). The other option – taking different orders from different companies.

Usually, you can find them on such platforms like or
I also have worked as a copywriter creating texts for one company and for one topic (renovation). This was kind of a guarantee, that I will always have orders without a need to constantly search for new clients.


If you have worked for some time developing skills and techniques in your field, it would be of great benefit to you to start a small coaching business online. Mapping together a plan or a system is the best & easiest way to help others.

You can start by setting up a social media account, like Facebook or Youtube. Now create content on the field you are skilled in. Build an audience by networking and talking with others. Share valuable content with your network often.

Start offering free coaching to attract a list of potential clients. Share your system, ideas and offer genuine help. After some time your free clients will want more for your time if you are providing them results!

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Awesome post! Need to share this with all my friends who are trying to be digital nomads but still need that extra push. Can't tell you how often I try to explain to people who "easy" it is to find online, location independent work in this day and age. A couple of verrrry common DN jobs imho are coding and english teaching. I know so many! Xoxo fellow digital nomad


I teach English every morning to Chinese student online! It's one of my favorites Income Streams.
There is so much potential online. Just focus on ONE skill and build it up. Market it. Make money!


I agree one huunnnddddred per cent. Are you a teacher at DaDaABC by any chance? Do you have any schools that you can recommend?

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