Greg Hunter Interview: Nomi Prins -- Debt Will Ultimately Destroy the Financial System

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Greg Hunter interviews Nomi Prins, two time best-selling author and author of the new book "Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World", about the economy and what she sees ahead.


  • (01:45) Where are we right now in with central banks? -- central banks are colluding to create asset bubbles -- central banks scared of a major global financial crash;
  • (06:26) Central banks have created the new "unstable normal" -- look to the bond market for the first signs of instability;
  • (09:16) Central banks have no "Plan B" -- central banks do not have an "exit plan";
  • (13:05) Debt building up, Puerto Rico's debt, individual state (Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, New York) debt -- What will be the linchpin leading to the collapse?;
  • (16:55) What will the crisis look like to the "person on the street"? -- Restrictions on cash withdraws -- credit rates creeping up;
  • (19:08) Should we be celebrating that the DOW reached 26,000? -- individuals should have an "exit plan";
  • (22:27) Will there be a market crash in 2018?;
  • (25:45) Are big money players getting into gold?;
  • (28:48) U.S. dollar getting weaker in 2018?;
  • (30:17) Silver and gold;
  • (31:16) Collusion of the central banks;
  • (32:52) Special book offer -- Get a 40% pre-order discount on “Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World,” click here;
  • And more...

35 minute video by Greg Hunter published 20 January 2018

Link Associated with this Interview

Fed Scared to Death of Causing Global Financial Crash – Nomi Prins


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Quite informative interview. I love it.

Nice post Really nice Questions and nice explaination
@etcmike is 2018 really time for market crash whats your opinion on it??

Thanks for updates @etcmike!!!

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Shahzaib Munawar,

I heard some information last night along with other information I have seen recently that leads me to believe that the "crash" will not happen this year.

Have a great week!
Steem on,

Good answers to good questions
Thanks @etcmike

Have a bless week!
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i like this What will the crisis look like to the "person on the street"? interesting question

somethings were new for me to know about thanks for sharing the video

We can't get enough straight info like this.

got to know a lot more from this thanks mike for sharing

Great video...
Nice post..
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money biggest money . Your posts always amaze me.
Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.

Great video...
Nice post..
Good work..👍

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Excellent video so much to gain and know about the latest happenings thanks a lot for sharing

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