Greg Hunter Interview: Charles Nenner - Cheap Money and Civil War

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Greg Hunter interviews Charles Nenner, renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert at, about the debt, economy, war, gold, and markets.

This interview is in two parts.

Part 1 Topics:

  • (00:35) Where are interest rates going to go from here?;
  • (03:32) What is the U.S. Federal Reserve looking at?;
  • (04:36) Is the U.S. going to have negative interest rates?;
  • (05:02) Is Europe already in recession?;
  • (05:30) What about China?;
  • (06:14) What do you mean by deflation?;
  • (08:19) Are housing prices going to go down?;
  • (08:38) Will the cheap money be able to keep the economy going?;
  • (10:35) Where is the stock market headed?;
  • (12:15) What do you see in the longer term for the stock market?;
  • (14:21) Where is gold and silver headed?;
  • (15:40) Is silver eventually going to catch up to gold?;
  • (16:50) Are people going to lose faith in government bonds?;
  • (17:34) Do you think the European Union will break up?;
  • And more...

19 minute video by Greg Hunter published 6 August 2019

Part 2 Topics:

  • (00:00) Continued dicussion of European Union breakup;
  • (00:38) Do you see civil war in the U.S.?;
  • (02:02) How bad to you think it will get?;
  • (02:28) What about the war cycle elsewhere in the world?;
  • (06:25) How low can the markets go?;
  • (07:53) Is it possible that some will be wiped out?;
  • (08:14) What should people do now?;
  • (08:38) What is your appraisal of Deutshe Bank?;
  • (10:12) Could Deutsche Bank pull down other banks?;
  • (11:05) Can Deutsche Bank be saved?;
  • (11:29) Does Deutsche Bank need to go down for the whole market to go down?;
  • (12:31) How bad will the civil unrest get?;
  • (13:34) What should the little person do?;
  • And more...

16 minute video by Greg Hunter published 6 August 2019

Link Associated with this Interview

Cheap Money Not Going to Work Anymore – Charles Nenner (#1)

Civil War Cycle Heating up in America – Charles Nenner (#2)


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An absolutely fascinating interview with Charles Nenner! I listened to it many times, just to absorb all the information.

Found quite amusing at times when Greg Hunter asked for reasons for his predictions and he just replied that he he did not know and was based on cycles!

I quite believe what he says that the EU will split into two, North and South, the UK will leave. Very interesting what he said about France.

Quite concerned that he predicts civil unrest in the USA. A peoples rest room, what ever next!

Thank you for posting this Greg Hunter interview with Charles Nenner.

Thank you very much for the interesting video,I think that the price of Steem will grow,have a good day

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thank you for sharing your interview with GREG HUNTER,have a nice day

Thanks a lot mike sir for sharing great interview series.

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