I like Dash a lot! Look how relative stable Dash is.
Besides Dash & Steem you should consider Antshares (Ethereum of China), Iconomy (kind of a crypto fund)and I like TenX Pay Token.

Dash is a good idea, even if there are a lot of DASH haters. These people will have to look at the soaring price without being invested soon.

Dash is advancing day by day. Once the Dash community becomes more popular in Asia ( in Korea Dash is already established) it will go a long way.
Besides that the number of coins available is compared to so many other Coins quite low. If you throw everything in market cap is still cheap.

Its only because they mined 2million coins in the first days.
But they are doing good promoting job.
Mixing coins on blockchain is also not very useful.
Because if people would use dash like btc then even the 8x more transaction per second are not enough.
But like i told. Good promotion ;-)
And hopefully good evolution software.
Or is it out allready?

Speaking of Dash, there is always the option of PIVX either way we are in a really interesting time in terms of where currency transactions are heading in the future.

Might be, but Dash is superior simply of the infrastructure already in place and in particular their 10% budget which allows them to finance projects, talents, marketing, you name it.

I think bitconnect is the deal.

Spread your dollars around! Unless you know somebody inside with specific inside information you can trust, sow your seeds in a wide swath to increase the chance of bounty and minimize risk.

Same here! If anyone has any input on various coins, let us know

im glad to hear all opinions

Take a look at ParkByte, OKcash, Breakout coin

learn at first mate, then make your own decision

MaidSAFE... very aggressive project.

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