when you have money you become the center of attention

in money •  4 years ago  (edited)

Since i own http://www.hepays.com

i can set the amount my account is loaded to to any amount i want.

So i set it to 90,000 just to make it interesting.

well a lot of the girls really think that i uploaded this amount of money to HePays

so the hottest girls write me..

I think its really important that you are grounded before you start to make a lot of money




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So when my posts begin to rake in the big bucks (not gonna happen lol) I'll carefully screen the ladies ;)

thats exactly what you need to do ... i like the movie Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. perfect way to find the right woman :-D

Why did you make a platform to encourage gold digging? It seems it encourages female entitlement as they don't have to do anything to get the money of men on the site.

that was just coincidence. i created the platform so hot girls wouldn't be hit on so much.. what happened is that the findom community & the sugardaddy community took over... i am like water.. i let it flow where people want it to :-D i like to create open platforms. people can do with it what they want. i don't tell them what to do or not

Please tag this with #feminism2016 ;)

this made my day :-) lol

I think they are prostitutes, of course they will write if you have more money

prostitutes has the connotation that they strictly earn their living by having sex with different men.
I think opportunistic sugarbabes without experience is more likely :-) i also think there is a VERY BIG difference between a gold digger and a prostitute. a gold digger can search money and love... a prostitute most likely only quick money

I don't know where you get all these ideas