Even MORE confirmation the Banks are USELESS!

in money •  last year

SCREW THE BANKS!!! Today gave me yet even more confirmation in why I only keep enough FIAT in my bank account for day to day living. Enough for bills and maybe a tiny amount more for a slice of pizza here and there.
Not only is the banks' phone application down as of right now, Screenshot_20170616-205330.pngbut also the BANKS ACTUAL WEBSITE is down as well. Screenshot_20170616-205314.pngAs of right now I have absolutely NO ACCESS to any of "my" money.
The way these institutions treat their "customers" are absolutely appalling. What if I had an emergency? Most would say, "well, that's why you're supposed to keep cash at home for events like this". Of course I do, and in this case I was just going into my account to check a balance...BUT WTF is the bank there for then? To charge me INSANE interest rates for a small loan? To "help" finance my car and home?

We get absolutely NO interest on our savings anymore, and even worse, in a lot of countries the customer actually has to PAY the bank to hold their monies. PAY THE BANK TO USE YOUR MONEY TO LEND OUT TO OTHER SHEEPLE AT CRAZY INTEREST RATES!!!! What in the PHUCK?! Is there any wonder why Cryptocurrencies are soaring lately? Why people are trading up their shitpaper for shiny, beautiful metals?
The people are SICK AND TIRED of being treated as if we're lucky to have these bloodsucking parasites in our lives. Thank the lord that we finally have some more options being offerred to the public. No more monopolies for these leeches!
I hope most of my steemians do what I, and other smart people do...which is taking your cash out of the banks' coffers and KEEPING it out of their sticky, slimy hands!
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as much as i love the notion of being done with large banks i doubt they will allow crypto to slip through their fingers. As soon as they can, I see the feds demanding we supply info on all our crypto and get ready to be taxed on it when we try to use it. The fact that coinbase has "welcomed" a new it head honcho who previously worked for the feds looking for money and assests people tried to keep out of site is proof enough that it is only a matter of time until the fat cats find a way to get to our crypto. How depressing. Love the shirt though!


Oh, I ABSOLUTELY agree!! I don't expect to become rich off of these cryptos, but for the time being I will squeeze as much as I can outta this whole new paradigm. I'm a metals guy. And as soon as i get a bit of upside on my cryptocurrencies I turn them into Bitcoin and then use that Bitcoin to purchase silver through JM Bullion. Then it's all off the radar from there. Won't be long b4 everyone is having to "show their papers" as if we were being interrogated by the Gestapo. We're pretty much there already.

Thanks for the comment. Followed you.

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