Hype and FuD are two characteristics of the Stock Market and now cryptocurrency like bitcoin now.

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Blockchain technology is an entirely new invention and still in its early infancy stages of development. Anyone thinking anyone knows what this new industry will truly be able to deliver and how is simply delusional. This is not because their are not many brilliant creative minds within this community, but rather because so many new and novel ways of doing things are still being thought up.

Thus it is impossible to place a value realistically on cryptocurrency, always remember the internet was primarily communication. Whereas cryptocurrencies are money. MONEY is FaR more important to modern society than communications ! ! ! Many people happily live without daily news feeds, but who prospers in the world today without money ? = not many . . .

Hype is the info ( real or invented ) of some corporate buyout of a company to artificially alter that stock price. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt [ FuD ] are rumors to lower somethings value. It is far easier to believe something bad is going to happen than something good. But the reality is no one knows and in truth no one has any real life control over such things within the cryptocurrency techno-space.

Imagine a senior executive declaring that Amazon is going out of business next week, leaving billions of debt unpaid ? Consider the real life example of twitter, one day a senior executive made an announcement and very soon after twitter lost a LOT of value. Something close to fifty percent of its value, simply because the information was misconstrued people panicked.

Fear of a crash within the cryptocurrency space always spread easily and affect price, but unlike most companies on the stock market, little is known about who is truly involved and what their goals are surrounding bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

People can easily find out who the main players are holding Apple or MS stock and also with Research see what their goals or future direction can potentially be. This can affect the buying and selling of stock prices. Such is not possible within cryptocurrency.

Think about it, is it possible that your next door neighbor owns a billion dollars worth of a particular cryptocurrency like DASH or LTC (Litecoin) yet never mentions it to you ? Of course it could be true or not but there is literally no real world way of knowing . . .

Those who report on developments are simply either lying or reporting history, there is no way to predict the future except to believe that money and block chain have a very unknown exciting future. The simple truth is no one can realistically place any value on something so new and revolutionary.

So the choice is yours, you can either succumb to the rumors or HODL ( Hang On for Dear Life ) and join an amazing journey into the completely unknown or place your faith in a closed, rigged, opaque centralized system. For my money those who have rigged the system for their own profits need a serious kick in their comfortable complacency ! ! !

Here is a real chance to have your own say about your own future in a very open community that values transparency and innovation. But never think any " news " about future developments nor prices will have even the remotest connection to reality.

Never over commit yourself into all this, and never believe any news or hype or FuD, do your own Research and Due Diligence and know that 95% of initial coin offerings ( iCO's ) are either scams, will not actually reach the end marketplace or will not actually usefully serve the end-user.

Welcome to The Matrix, now everyone WiLL HaVe to swallow the Red PiLL :)

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You're right: no-one knows how far cryptocurrency will go and how much value it will add.

The same thing was true for Internet 1.0. No-one knew how much the world would change or how much value the Internet would add.

That's why bubble talk, except as a cautionary, is beside the point. Tech bubbles inflate and deflate because we have no way of knowing how disruptive an innovation will be until after the fact.

So in a very real way, we're fated to go through a cryptocurrency bubble. There's no other way to perform price discovery.

The good news is that early adopters - if they HODL - will end up with big profits even at the nadir of a burst bubble. So long as they HODLed, no-one who bought Amazon stock in 1997 had real cause to regret it: even in 2002, they still had at least a triple.

I think " bubbles " occur in everything. It is human nature when 90 % of people are simply followers. Who really knows the true value of anything since there is literally no way to compare an Orange to a Lemon for instance . . .

Personally the 0.01 % interest rate on many bank accounts is obviously a BUBBLE ! ! !

At 0.01% APY (a typical savings interest rate at very large brick-and-mortar banks), you'll have $5,002.50 after five years. At 0.09% APY (a hair above the national average), you'll have $5,022.55 after five years.

How awesome is that ...

At least crypto for the most part is not a " rigged " ' gamed ' system , now at least average honest people have an open market space they can adventure in ! ! !

/ hugs ;)

[ The only Good Politician is a Dead politician ] ...

Thing is everyone wants to be a millionaire but very few want to take risks. If you told anyone in my country about bitcoin 7 years ago they would call you a mental patient for thinking you could ever "purchase something with digital numbers".. but alas, here we are.

I think the blockchain has a plethora of applications not yet thought of. We are moving into exciting times.

funny thing is for 25 years now we have been buying and selling with digital numbers like western union, paypal and money gram etc.

those legalised criminals now seem to have a huge problem with it since they are no longer in control, nor needed or wanted . . .

this is such an exciting time to be alive with all the advances in a dozen different ares of human life ! ! !

simply people need to take some sort of risks, even if only small ones ; people no longer have any realistic option of getting ahead. if people do not take some risks then they are destined to failure to thrive over time . . .

the main reason western governments do not do more about corruption in other places is simply to allow other criminals to seem even more corrupt and thus keep people here in the western world placified that at least our rulers are not vermin ... :(

/ Hugz ;)

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