Investment strategy - Index Funds! Week 14 - 2.3X more than BTC holding!

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“Don't look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack!” – John C. Bogle

The purpose of this "Index Funds" strategies is to create an easy to follow mid-long term investment strategy, where you bet on the rise of the Cryptocurrency Market Cap and not on a single coin.

The strategies spread your investment across the top 10 coins. Together these coins hold around 90% of market cap. The strategy is meant for holders who do not want to deal with day trading.

Visit my first post on Index Funds for a detailed description of the strategies

UPDATE: Strategy 3 was removed after week 12 because it kept under performing.

Results from Week 14

NOTE: Coin values and market cap were obtained from CoinMarketCap

First, let’s look at last week values


Alt-coin prices are based on their BTC value

BTC continues its downward movement it lost another 15% this week reaching prices from last November. Now that is lower than 9k is either hold or get out of the market. However, I expect for BTC to rise. As expected the rest of the coins also went down with two exceptions. Ethereum and Neo, which value in BTC has actually increased.

Also, cardano lost the most this week with 21% less value.

How about the investment?


Market cap decreased from $506b to $429b,, $77 Billion loss! The mext support line is around 8K. I hope we can see an uptrend soon and less FUD.

Looking at the graph we can see now we have approached similar values than week 6.


BTC maintained dominance with a 34.6%. All coins invested still hold 1% above market cap (excluding BTC) established. Strategy 2 decreased bitcoin value of investment from 0.4267 to 0.3911 BTC


Strategy 2 is still the winner of this week!

The initial investment has kept to a 267% initial value Following Strategy 2

This is 2.3x more than BTC holding! BTC holding strategy has maintained our investment at 115%.

Thumbnail image source (modified by me)

DISCLAIMER: These investment strategies are only for educational, experiment and research purposes. I am not a financial advisor and always with high volatile investments, there is a high risk involved. Trade responsibly and never invest money you are not comfortable with losing.

What do you think of the strategies? Also, do you think the same Altcoins will keep on top 10 after next week or another coin will take its place. Comment and let me know!

Thank you so much. I hope it was useful to you. Happy investments and see you next week!
Best regards!


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