A New Week Means More Airdrops and More Free Tron(TRX)

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Play BankRoll and Get in the Mob


I have just Airdropped 150 Tron to the Mob memebers of Mr Contest's Tron-CIty Discord. Now a new week begins, and so does a new airdrop.

How you can gain entry into this weeks Mob Airdrop worth at least 150+ Tron? All you have to do is try out BankRoll. The best way to enter the BankRoll ecosystem is to invest in some Credits. Credits are the backbone for the ecosystem. There is a 10% buy and 10% sell fee on Credits. This gives credit holders divs for just letting their credits sit. The best thing about credits is its stable. It is pegged to Tron 1:1. This prevents dumps while you collect divs on entries and exits. The newest edition to the BankRoll ecosystem is Daily Daily is a ticket jackpot game that pays dividends Daily. 10% of the Dividends are paid instantly from ticket purchases, and 2% is paid daily. The rest goes to the jackpot and fees. The jackpot can be won by the largest buy or 1 random pick per round. Divs and the Jackpot are paid in credits which keeps the volume flowing in Credits. Bankroll has also launched AIR. AIR is a raffle every hour that gives away free Tron. Come and try it out and you will gain entry in to this weeks Mob. After you try it out with any amount of TRX, DM me in Mr Contest's Tron-CIty Discord or comment on this post with the Tron address you played with. This will get you entry in to this weeks Mob Airdrop.

The Lotto Ends on Wednesday

A great way win in Mr Contest's Tron-CIty Discord is with our Tron and Steem Lottos. The best part is even if you lose, this gives you entry into the Mob. So basically, you get some if not all of your entry fee back. There is almost always a lotto running. The entry fee is only 5 Tron(TRX) and 1 steem and right now there aren't a bunch of entries so you have a very good chance of winning. The payout is instant and automatic to your Discordtip Wallet. Good Luck.

Tron Lotto: Enter Here

Best Trader Competition

Another way you can get your hands on the Mob Airdrop is with the Best Trader Competition. This game takes place in Mr Contest's Tron-CIty Discord Not only do you get a chance to win the tournament prize, but you will also gain entry in to the MOB. The goal is to pick the currency that will make the most gains in 24 hours. Pick a supported currency like btc, ltc, eth, sbd.... You can check the price using the following command in our Mr Contest's Tron-CIty Discord:

ex. !ticker btc

After you choose you currency, post it in the #sports-lounge . This is first come first serve, so enter fast if you want to pick your favorite currency. After you post your pick, buy a ticket in the tournament using the following command:

!tip @BrittUF /Mr.Contest\ 1 ticket

1 ticket costs 5 Tron
We use DiscordTip to receive and make payouts so you will need to deposit some tron into your wallet. DM me in Tron-CIty Discord for help.
Picks must be made by Midnight EST on Friday/Saturday. The player that picks the currency that makes the biggest gains in 24 hours Sun-Mon will win the tournament. I will crown a winner on Monday.
Winner Takes All!
:gun: 90% of the entry fee will go to the prize pool. 10% will be airdropped to @The Mob



Keep 'em coming Mr Contest!