Todays Crypto Currency Price Update! Poloniex charts of winning coins! Current prices versus prices from a week ago!)

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Oh wouldn't it be so cool to have a Poloniex account just so full of crypto currency that you had a total account value of around a hundred thousand dollars, and you made it by investing just a few hundred in the right crypto! And now you ahve enough money to be all invested in every one of those cryptos they offer on Poloniex or whatever crypto currency exchange you wish to use! I would put a thousand bucks at least into every one of the cheap crypto currencies they offer on poloniex, with a larger $10,000 share in crypto currencies like Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Dash, XMR, and bitcoin, and a couple thousand in ByteCoin, Bitcoin Plus, bitcoin Dark, Bitmark, Stratis, coin2.0 , siacoin, storjcoin, golum, burst, nextcoin and SO many more!

Hah you can still mine several hundred bytecoins per day/week on very old computers and laptops, open up your old laptops and have minergate or whichever mining software you prefer (minergate just has the most userfriendly GUI allowing you to simply login and start mining on multiuple computers and laptops and android devices all with the same account all filling your wallet from multiple devices! install mining software like minergate and mine some bytecoins, XMR, ethereum, ethereum classic and many more, and it WILL pay off in the that bytecoin price will eventually take off like it already started to the last few days! And I use bytecoin as an example of a very cheap crypto currency that is still small enough to mine using consumer hardware. Just like how bitcoin plus went from like 20 cents to $50 in just a day they will ALL rise and fall but rise again and become more and more valuable as they are finite and the prices keep going up also because the U dollar and all fiat currencies are not backed by anything but debt and inflation from printing money cuts into peoples savings in US dollars and bitcoin doesnt have inflation!

(Below are Prices from a WEEK ago)

(Above is prices from a week ago)

But back to alt coins like Bitcoin plus(XBC) 2 days ago, it was insane how high it jumped(3000%) and it hasnt really come down past 1900% its stayed up there in the upper record breaking range for that particular coin (XBC) and just a few weeks ago it was worth pennies! These crypto currencies are still very cheap! Diversify! Diversify so no one coin can ruin you! If you notice, ethereum has been steady at around $50, Dash was around $100 but is now hovering around $80, ethereum seems way steadier and bitcoin also may drop to under $1000 but always hovers around $1000 is now is well over $1000 at $1037 USD as of 3/30/2017 ....and its amazing how these other alt coins are doing look at this screenshot of todays winners! (highest performers today )

by volume in Bitcoin

and by volume in US dollars

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