Setup Guide for Monero GUI on TAILS w/ TOR remote node

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Step 0: Login to TAILS w/ persistence

Log in to TAILS by first mounting your encrypted, persistent partition, making sure to set an administrator password before login as well.

Step 1: Import Monero dev's signing key

  1. Copy Fluffypony's aka Riccardo Spagni's PGP Key to your clipboard.
  2. In the Tails desktop, click on the PGP Clipboard icon near the top right of the screen:
    PGP Clipboard icon
    then click "Manage Keys".
  3. The Passwords & Keys manager will appear. Click Edit -> Paste, then Import.

Step 2: Download & Verify Monero GUI

Download the latest hashes.txt and Monero GUI x64 for Linux and place them in a suitable folder (This guide assumes you chose "~/Tor Browser/" because it is the default TorBrowser download folder in TAILS).
You can achieve this with the follow commands at the terminal (Click: Applications->System Tools->Terminal):

mkdir -p ~/Persistent/Programs/Monero
cd ~/Persistent/Programs/Monero
mv "~/Tor Browser/hashes.txt" ./
mv "~/Tor Browser/monero-gui-linux-x64-v0.12.0.0.tar.bz2" ./
cat hashes.txt |gpg --verify


gpg: Signature made Tue 10 Apr 2018 02:47:51 PM MDT

gpg: using RSA key 94B738DD350132F5ACBEEA1D55432DF31CCD4FCD

gpg: Good signature from "Riccardo Spagni <[email protected]>" [unknown]

gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!

gpg: There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.

Primary key fingerprint: BDA6 BD70 42B7 21C4 67A9 759D 7455 C5E3 C0CD CEB9

Subkey fingerprint: 94B7 38DD 3501 32F5 ACBE EA1D 5543 2DF3 1CCD 4FCD

Take the sha256 hash of the file and make sure the hash of your downloaded copy is the same:

grep $(sha256sum monero-gui-linux-x64-v0.12.0.0.tar.bz2) hashes.txt


hashes.txt:monero-gui-linux-x64-v0.12.0.0.tar.bz2, fb0f43387b31202f381c918660d9bc32a3d28a4733d391b1625a0e15737c5388

Step 3: Setup and Configure Monero

Enter the following into the Terminal/shell:

cd ~/Persistent/Programs/Monero
tar jxvf monero-gui-linux-x64-v0.12.0.0.tar.bz2
ln -s monero-gui-v0.12.0.0 monero-gui
cd monero-gui

Monero will launch and ask you to create or restore a wallet.

Whether you are creating or restoring a wallet, make sure to tell it to be stored in a Persistent folder:

Save wallet to Persistent directory Screenshot

After creating or restoring a wallet, the Monero wizard will prompt you for Daemon Settings.

Click on Connect to a remote node:

Connect to a remote node Screenshot

Now visit or and choose a working .onion (or other public) remote node under the Hidden Nodes or TOR Remote Nodes headings, and copy it into the Monero wizard under Connect to a remote node hostname field:

Remote node host and port details Screenshot

Step 4: Finish and Open the wallet

Now you should see it sync:

Incomplete remote sync Screenshot

...until it is fully synced (may take hours for a TOR remote node sync, as of v12.0.0)):

Synced remote node Screenshot

Step 5: Create a TAILS desktop shortcut (optional)

Paste the following into an empty file at ~/Persistence/Desktop/Monero.desktop:

[Desktop Entry]

This can be accomplished by typing the following into the Terminal:

cd ~
mv Desktop ~/Persistence/Desktop
ln -s ./Persistence/Desktop

Now double click (and authorize) the Monero icon on your TAILS desktop to launch the wallet:

Monero.Desktop shortcut authorization in TAILS

Now enable the Desktop shortcut changes to persist across reboots by performing these commands at the Terminal:

amnesia@amnesia:$ /usr/bin/sudo /bin/su -
root@amnesia:~# cd /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/
root@amnesia:/live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked# <ENTER THE FOLLOWING>

cp -r ~amnesia/Persistent/Desktop Desktop
chown -R amnesia:amnesia Desktop
chmod -R 700 Desktop
echo "/home/amnesia/Desktop     source=Desktop" >> persistence.conf

That is all.

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