Mine Monero on Your WordPress Site

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Here are the steps to mine Monero cryptocurrency on your WordPress site.

Sign up at https://coin-hive.com

You can follow their documentation at https://coin-hive.com/documentation/miner to manually put the JavaScipt powered Monero miner on your site.

Perhaps the best option is to use the plugin WP Monero Miner using Coin Hive.
Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-monero-miner-using-coin-hive/

With this WordPress plugin, you can install a widget that will mine Monero on your WordPress site. You must sign up for Coin Hive first though before fully installing the plugin.

Also, be sure to only run the cryptocurrency mining scripts on your site with the permission of users of course.

You can see this plugin in action on the site: https://tenoorja.faith/

This is a fairly simple setup. If you have lots of users on your site running this script, you might be able to mine a significant amount of Monero cryptocurrency.

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Thnx @michaelten for putting this info all together.

Thanks for your work as well! Followed @michaelten

Interesting concept, as a Wordpress developer since 2009, this spiked my curiosity. At first impression I figured this would be PHP based using the server for the hashes but then I noticed it said it uses Javascript which means it would run client side.. after looking at the coin-hive site I could confirm that this does in fact use Javascript so it's running on the client side and not on the server. So basically it's doing a small calculation in the browser of the visitor each time they load a new page. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of visitors everyday and even still, this wouldn't result in a very high throughput or hashrate. If you did have a site that popular, you probably wouldn't want to degrade the client's experience on the site with this and it would also slow down the page load time. If your site wasn't popular, you wouldn't want to use this because you'd want to focus on making your site popular because it wouldn't be effective and would slow down the site. Neat idea, but not very practical.


100% agree. I am a Wordpress developer since 2009 too and I couldn't imagine installing this plugin to slow down the loading time of a popular website. Not a good idea to degrade user experience.