Monero Mining with Xmr-Stak 2.5.x on Ubuntu

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xmr-stak 2.5.x on Ubuntu

Monero Miners! Do not forget to update your miners! Monero is forking to cryptonight_v8 POW on 18th Oct 2018 !


If you have already mining with the old version of xmr-stak, all you have to do is to compile the miner again.

If you want to increase/decrease the donation to the programmer, do not forget to adjust file donate-level.hpp before compiling the miner. The default is %2 donation.


That's it. Hopefully everything will go smooth and after a few minutes you will have the latest version. Then you have to decide how the config files will be according to your equipment. Old config (2.4.x) files do not work with this version. You can use the same config file from version 2.5.1

Thanks to fireice_uk / psychocrypt.

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