Kids playing Monarchy

in monarchy •  last year  (edited)

Just recently I saw 4 kids playing together. One was the king, one the queen, one a prince or something and the last one the servant that had to do all things for the others. Obviously that kid quickly got pissed.

"This is so unfair, why do I need to be the servant? Now I want to be king!"
"Shut up, thats how it is, I am the king! Now go search a nice stick for me"


After a few minutes and things getting worse the parents stepped in

"Stop it now. We are not living in a Monarchy anymore, that was ended 300 years ago because it is unfair. We are now living in a Democracy without kings and queens. Now go and play something else."

I couldn't stop but thinking how would it turn out if they would now play democracy instead? Quickly cast a vote for prime minister, congressman, whatever other title you want. The three kids were sticking together and the fourth one was not part of their gang. They would have happily voted themselves into any titles they want. Then the forth kid still would have ended up being the servant. A kids democracy really is no different to a kids monarchy.

And then what would the parents have said? Stop playing democracy because thats also stupid...?.

In the end the only game that everyone can be happy playing is where nobody gains any powers over anybody but themselves. In kids play just as in real live.

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Kids! Reality shown through their eyes should be an eye opener for adults.

Yes, they still perceive reality without all the biases that we have accumulated over all the years and that put us into a mental cage. Sadly education is trying to lock them into the same cage as quickly as possible.

It is always amazing to see what values originate naturally between kids without adult supervision. That is from very young age the concept of property and the desire to make own decisions and be free. Of course there is also a strong notion of the right of the strongest/oldest.

This is excellent. Thank you.

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