Finally finished a model car - after more than a year

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What you are looking at is the outcome of over a year's work.

Not really a years worth of work, as it was packed away for a few months, but I have finished it, FINALLY!

Over a year ago, I bought myself a model car, the Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner from Revell. This is a 1/25 scale kit and features a folding roof, which tucks into the trunk, or boot if you South African.

The model was a bit of a pain to assemble as the body comes in four separate parts that need too be glued together. This alone took me days as I fretted over the fit and alignment. Finally I said to hell with it and grabbed the glue.

Getting the roof to fit and fold down properly was the straw that broke the camels back. It frustrated me so, that I stopped enjoying the process of building and eventually packed it all away.

It took a good few months before I took it out the box again, this time I was seeking to relieve frustration (ironic I know)

Giving the parts a quick once over I realised how close it was to completion. I started getting excited about it again and all the issues I saw before seemed so much less significant. I was going to finish and get it done quickly.

Now getting things done quickly, generally means badly, keeping this in mind I did try to do the best I could. When a choice arose I still took acceptable over perfect though.

This sounds silly, but as I work I have all my completed and incomplete models on a table next to my computer. Every now and then I will steal a glance and the visual change, from a screen to something I did with my hands lifts my spirits.

I had this model, unfinished, waiting for me to get it done so that it could become the centre piece.
So going for done as opposed to perfect made ... prefect sense.

Perhaps you have a keen eye and have noticed some of the many faults? Thats ok, I see them too.

I also see how the paint shimmers in the light, particularly sunlight. It's a great colour.

I am really glad I got it done, and now I can move on to the next project, another car, but thats a post for another time.

So have you finished something recently that you put off for some time?

If anyone reading this also builds model kits, please drop me a link to your post in the comments? I love seeing what other people are building!

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I am not a model builder so for me it looks cool without any faults
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I know this is an iconic car in South Africa. I grew up hearing about them from my uncles and father - If I'm not mistaken, some family member had one of these or perhaps a more recent model. I wonder if owning one of these is still viable? I spotted a classic chevrolet in cape Town a few years ago. The owner operates a sideline business, chauffeuring especially couples to matric balls or weddings. I think you did a fine job of it. One can only hope you share some of your other completed models.

Congrats, you made the @dtube #steemitminute for today!

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