In Mobigraph: I found something on a tree! Could this be a discovery?

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Today is one of the days where I dropped my pen and went outside to gather some energy from nature, just relaxing for a bit although I brought my mobicam (mobile camera) with me. Yes you can say, "oh, but you look like you're still working". True! However, working in front of a laptop with a pen and paper on my side is different compared to going outside and taking pictures while enjoying the moment.

They say, "A photograph is the pause button of life", how could that be not truer than true? Here in my Mobigraph, I am going to share photos I photographed using my mobile camera. That's why it's called Mobigraph.


So as I said, I went outside and decided to climb a Java Plum tree near our area. On my way up, I was seeing lots of fire ants. Isn't that scary? I was hesitant to climb further but not until I saw this guy. It really caught my attention because it's my first time to see something like it and I don't know what it's called. The next thing I knew, my mobicam is already prepared.

As you can see, it's an orange bug. I’m actually hearing you now saying, “pretty obvious huh?” Yeah and it has six black long legs, a black long neck with two antennas and two pairs of black wings. Its body is almost covered in orange color. I actually did not search online what this guy is called not until before I posted it.


From what I have found, this insect is pretty similar to Milkweed bugs. Although milkweeds are pretty not much like this guy, you could see the resemblance. I'm not sure if it's actually a milk weed of maybe different specie but this guy is absolutely not like the fire ants I saw in my way up.


So I chased this guy (I really don't know why I chased it) then I came across another one and they’re pretty similar so I thought one must be female and the other a male. Let's say that the one with black wings is the male.

This one is pretty wingless and you can see that it has a rounded-orange body structure in between its neck and body. I was really zooming in my eyes to differentiate the two because the phone I used here doesn’t have much zooming capabilities. It's the reason why I found it hard to focus while taking pictures. Just so you know, I am not a professional photographer but I am by heart. I'm just a wanderer curious of what I see.


Oops! I do not mean anything in showing you this. Right after I clicked some photos while adjusting some settings in my mobicam, I just saw them do this weird pose. Uhm... I'm innocent. 😅

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I love how u ended the story 😆


Whatever you're thinking, keep it quiet! 🤫🤭


Haha 😆


... silly you! 😅