What will you do in the mobile water....???

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Your mobile may be unaware of the water. Many people fall into the trap of falling into the mobile water. Do not understand what to do.

Once the water is in the water, it is very normal to stop. But it is not possible to go to the servicing store all the time while entering the mobile water. But if you want to sit at home, you can fix the smartphone itself.
Do not know what to do when the water in the water?

Dry cleaning cloth

When the phone is wet, clean it quickly with a dry cloth. The more water you get, the faster the internal parts of the phone will be lost. If it is wet enough then the short circuit is destroyed by the phone. All data lost is lost.


The inner part of the phone

Inside the phone, insert the inside of the phone into various parts of the phone, such as the battery, SIM card, and memory card. At this time, delete them in a dry cloth.

SIM card

Get out of SIM card. If you can keep a little sunshine. Then insert the SIM card. It is good if the battery is not available on the 24-hour phone. Rather keep the battery in the rice. Rice consumes excessive dampness of the battery.

Hair dryer

Many people try to dry the phone using a hairdryer when the phone is wet. If you want to save the phone, the Khadar will not do it. Hair Dryer Hot Air Damage Many parts of the inner part of the body melts.

If your phone is not running after working above the advice given above, take the phone to the service center


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