I don't usually laugh when someone gets their face broken into...

in mma •  last year

Except when Dash is sponsoring the KO

This is Davis Dos Santos during his first fight representing Dash, we need to get a bigger logo for him the next time around, I want the pants to be blue too. I just found this recording on YouTube and it made my day.

It's important to note that Dos Santos, because you obviously have to call this fine gentleman by last name out of respect, is not being paid directly from the treasury. A proposal wasn't submitted to Dash Masternodes to get him sponsored, some Dash lovers raised the funds to make this happen and didn't even feel like taking the credit. I just found out about this today so I want to thank those working hard for Dash in Brazil, specially Dos Santos.

Obrigado :)

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Can't get the video to start when I wanted. Fast forward to min 3:43.
My favorite part is when the dude tries to stand up...LOL


The fight escalated almost as quickly as Dash numbers have gone up this year ;)


SO TRUE! where the hell was the DASH logo ? lol


Right leg, bottom of the boxers.

We need a bigger logo for this guy!

Good ambassador for DASH!