Why flyweight champ Henry Cejudo has a claim on UFC heavyweight belt + could Neo4j save me time here?

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MMA is crazy sport. The craziest one there is. Hands down..And with such crazy and unpredictable sport come also unexpected wins and loses. Some are flukes and some are beginnings of the new era. But at that moment, they all feel the same - WTF??

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So I've decided to take it one step further and make one WTF claim here. According to the UFC history, newly crowned Flyweight Champ and Olympic wrestling champ Henry Cejudo actually has a reasonable claim on the UFC heavyweight championship!! Why?? Well, check this table yourself..

Henry CejudoDemetrious JohnsonUFC 227Decision
Demetrious JohnsonJohn DodsonUFC 191Decision
John DodsonT.J. DillashawThe Ultimate Fighter 14 FinaleTKO
T.J. DillashawRaphael AssuncaoUFC 200Decision
Raphael AssuncaoALJAMAIN STERLINGUFC on Fox 23Decision
Renan BaraoUrijah FaberUFC 169TKO
Urijah FaberFrancisco RiveraUFC 181Submission
Francisco RiveraAlex CaceresUFC Fight Night 68KO
Alex CaceresCole MillerUFC 199Decision
Cole MillerRoss PearsonUFC Fight Night 22Submission
Ross PearsonPaul FelderUFC 191Decision
Paul FelderSteven RayUFC Fight Night 113KO
Steven RayJoe LauzonUFC Fight Night 108Decision
Joe LauzonJeremy StephensUFC Fight Night 17Submission
Jeremy StephensRafael Dos AnjosUFC 91KO
Rafael Dos AnjosNeil MagnyUFC 215Submission
Neil MagnyKelvin GastelumUFC Fight Night 78Decision
Kelvin GastelumMichael BispingUFC Fight Night 122KO
Michael BispingAnderson SilvaUFC Fight Night 84Decision
Anderson SilvaDerrick BrunsonUFC 208Decision
Derrick BrunsonLyoto MachidaUFC Fight Night 119KO
Lyoto MachidaRashad EvansUFC 98KO
Rashad EvansRampage JacksonUFC 114Decision
Rampage JacksonMat HamillUFC 130Decision
Mat HamillJon JonesUFC - The Ultimate Fighter 10 FinaleDQ
Jon JonesDaniel CormierUFC 182Decision
Daniel CormierStipe MiocicUFC 226KO


Haha I thought it'll be cca 15 minutes at max...But it was much more difficult. Here just some funny points I noticed during this "well spent" hour :D

  • Jon and DC defend that LHW suuuperstrong. Just this alone shows that the GOAT should be chosen between these two. If there wasn't that Mat Hamill DQ, I would have to stop there and then.
  • It was also pretty hard to find a link from Bantamweight to Featherweight.
  • Bantamweight with featherweight was easy just cuz of John Dodson and his win over TJ which gave me a lot of freedom for the next step cuz TJ is dominating people left and right..

I've done this manually

..and realized how happy I am to be a programmer and have some overview over current technologies and even the theory behind it. If this Sherdog database could be loaded into some Graph database like Neo4j, I'd looove to play around with it :) I just checked real quick and it seems Sherdog offers API to get the fighter's data, so it should be possible. It would provide so many nice insights and statistics...well, maybe when I'll have some time in the future :) This could be supercool exercise even for basic algorithm classes in the Uni - shortest paths, dijkstras etc etc on ordered graph...shit, I'd love to get such data like this for homework :D

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Lol. Awesome. Good job

Decision victories are biased in fighting, leaves the door open for bet fixing & fighters being cheated out of wins & money.

The judging system needs a lot of improvements


100%. Joe Rogan has sooo many cool insights into improvements of judging system. But for now, decisions should be respected as there's nothing official other than that.