Andre Fili versus Sheymon Moraes UFC Fight Night SacramentosteemCreated with Sketch.

in mma •  2 months ago 

What a fight!!!

Both fighters were both intense pre-fight but Fili looked SUPER intense more intense than usual.

At first the round looked maybe a bit shaky for Fili, Moraes did find a bit of success for a short period of time.

But then Fili was finding his counters and when he found them they were HEAVY. I believe it was a left hook followed by a right leg head kick that started it all mid round one. Truly beautiful, crisp and sharp strikes.

Those strikes only wobbled Moraes, surprisingly. I give Moraes credit for not dropping right then. But not even like 7 second later Fili cracks him with a swift right hook and a little bit of ground and pound it was over. Round one finish for Fili.

The best performance I have seen from Fili for sure. Just from what I have seen from him. Looked better than ever.


He was super thrilled as he fights out of Sacramento.

Great fight!!

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