Mackenzie Dern, the woman who lost her native tongue...

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We are all incredibly intrigued at this phenomenon. Has the great Mackenzie Dern forgotten her native language? To what syndrome do we owe this sickness?


Very interesting and helpful video for everyone, thanks for sharing

I once experienced this when I met a Dutch person during my travels in Canada.
When I told him I was from Belgium and he originally from the Netherland, I immediately switched from English to Dutch and he did not catch every word I was telling to him.
Since he left his home country a long time ago for Canada, he only interact in English and is mother tongue was sleeping somewhere in the back of his head.
So, it is possible to kind of lost your native tongue. When I was traveling for over a month without speaking Dutch that much and coming home after, I also noticed some little part of my native tongue was sleeping and I had to wake it up again :D

Wow!! Thanks for the insight!! I didn’t think it was possible!

Her complete accessory element is genuinely weird, and that i say that as a Brazilian. I had a friend who moved lower back to Brazil from the united states and his American accent is pretty much nonetheless the identical. I do observe a number of his words have a touch of a Brazilian accent, however its top notch minor and no in which close to as awful as Mackenzie. And he interacts ninety nine% of the time with Brazilians. Mackenzie spends a variety of time doing interviews in English and speakme in English. maybe she's subconsciously faking it idk, however its very weird both way.

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