MLM Lesson From Star Wars, The Last Jedi

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For those who follow the page, you are aware that I am many things. I'm a business man first and foremost, but that also includes, writer, and MLM veteran, among many other talents & skills acquired over the years. In 2010, I started my own "team" within the network marketing space, called TopnetworkersGroup.

This idea evolved into creating an entire System, that I'm proud of.

That system, incorporated every concept I had about 'how to build a network marketing organization', the right way. Unfortunately, due to human error and imperfections, greed and immorality make their way into the MLM space. It's like all spaces in America where people do things they should not do. This happens in MLM so much, that the entire industry has a bad reputation.

Often this problem starts at the very TOP of a MLM organization, where 'training' is not taken very seriously. However, the better trained representatives are, the more likely they'll obey laws that will keep your MLM company out of the negative press. That's unfortunately what has happened to companies like Vemma, and more recently, MLM companies based on Cryptocurrency, USI Tech.

It's difficult, in an industry where everyone is 'free to do as they wish', to get people on the same page. So even with the system that I built, people still mostly wanted (and still want) to do their own things. After a few years, this became discouraging, and honestly I found myself in a similar position to Master Jedi Luke Skywalker....

I don't want to say I gave up on MLM or anything; but I have been disconnected from MLM for at least all of 2017

I found myself displeased with where the industry is going, and the kinds of people in the game. Gone, seemingly, are the people who place a focus on personal growth, and self improvement. Now it's all about the money, entirely, with nothing else seeming to matter. This is where people start stealing folks out of other people's downlines, or stealing entire concepts without giving credit.

More directly, I grew tired of people coming through my system, joining my team, who felt they needed to train me. This is what happens in an industry that is entirely out of control, and filled with people who think THEY are a brand. The lack of respect shown, over and over, caused me to go sit on an island, and focus on me.

Hence this great MLM Lesson From Star Wars, The Last Jedi

You see, sometimes life does that, and I always love it when it happens. Messages will be communicated to us through all sorts of 'mediums', and in this case it was a movie. I'm already a big fan of the series, so I was meant to go and see the film. Yet, I had no idea that nugget would be in there, however I'm forever thankful that it was.

Speaking of, there have been a couple of 'videos' in my Timeline the last couple of days that 'speak' to learning from failure. It's okay if we mess up along the way, on this Journey of Success. It's all part of what needs to happen to advance the 'story', and influence the NEXT generation of students who will do things, the right way.

The Vision will be Carried out, eventually - Failing FORWARD - always -

this scene is a powerful moment in the latest Star Wars Film; and it helped me learn a powerful MLM Lesson, about being an upline, attempting to teach network marketers the 'right way' to do things; and being okay with those who don't. "We are what they grow beyond, that is the true burden of all Masters".

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