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Great research as always mate.
Everything most people believe is a false narrative such is the bang up job executed by the security services in the last 70 years.
I wonder how the world will view another Marxist, Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) in the future? Another man controlled by the hidden hand, given a Nobel Peace prize and lauded by many as a hero. interesting parallel. I doubt there will ever be a BHO day though, unless of course they decide to whack him too!
The truth will be a bitter pill for many.
A brave post @steemtruth


Barack was actually in the National Socialist part of Illinois. It's crazy. No one wants to talk about such things though and the direct links to the Fascists.

yea Obama was groomed at a young age by the Fabian Society, who literally has the "wolf in sheeps clothing" as their logo

The Coefficients was a monthly dining club founded in 1902 by the Fabian campaigners Sidney and Beatrice Webb as a forum for British socialist reformers and imperialists of the Edwardian era.[1] The name of the dining club was a reflection of the group's focus on "efficiency".[2]

Wow, I hate these people. "Efficiency?" I'm better than you, and I know how to make the world more efficient... by force.

Sic semper tyrannis!

Yeah, while this is happening in the way of subtle, yet coercive, ways of shaping our agency by limiting our physical freedom they are doing the same with the mind. I have read many an article lately advocating for the limitations of free will and though, all for the great goal of "efficiency". Behaviourism for a supposed higher purpose . It's interesting because most ideology on the left and right push for that through private or public means. The idealism of "The Great Work" of the Masons as laid out in Morals and Dogma suggests an efficient allocation of force in order to great a harmonious society. The contradiction inevitably arises that if such in authority are not in harmony with themselves how can one be trusted to impose it on others. The very presence of authority, especially on a larger scale seems contradictory to the concept of harmony because force should not be present in the face of harmony. Then we are left with anarchy, which paradoxically, in its most beautiful form, as a response to and transcendant from authoritative society seems to be the dream going forward. But of course, I don't doubt paradox will inevitably reveal itself again.

Why Did Obama call his wife Michael a few times ?accident ? Or was it an accident

As I was writing it the parallels with Obama were obvious but as you say - he will never reach the lofty heights that MLK did. The world is a stage and almost everything that most people believe to be true is false.

Thanks @tremendospercy and a brave comment on your part!

@steemtruth - Very well put together article, I learned so much. I can't think of a more effective way to tackle a very difficult and controversial topic. Big ups for your bravery by attempting to bring this information to light. I know you were subtle about the cabal that serves as the shadow government, media, etc on this planet - we know who they are. It can be frustrating but one truth at a time..

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