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None of this information is new or hidden by anyone. It's been around for a very long time....It was spread by the same people who wanted him dead....cointelpro whom you ask? The CIA....Are you a CIA agent?


I can't recall saying that it was hidden information. I did say that powerful people were successful in stopping most American citizens learning about the other King via e.g. a media blackout. If you were to survey the world, even just America I'm quite sure that only a relatively small number of people are aware of what I shared in the post.

How can it be disinformation when the papers that King himself published denied the deity of Jesus? These were his own words and what it seems he believed. If he didn't believe he was lying and if he did believe it he was also lying. There is no wriggle for King on this one. King pretended to be a Baptist pastor and introduce God into the narrative when it suited him. That makes him a liar, fraud, false prophet and hypocrite (that is the content of his character, at least on this issue). Do you believe that the CIA wrote those papers and published them under King's name?

Do you deny that King's mentors, closest advisors etc were not Communists?

Do you deny that King was an adulterer and sexual pervert?

If the CIA were really out to get King they would have exposed him as Hoover threatened to do - but they didn't and neither did the government or the media.

CIA agents don't normally expose people and psyops like Assange, Snowden, MLK, Putin, Trump, Clinton etc as controlled opposition but that is exactly what I have done in my posts. Just scroll down my page to see what I've written.

The ridiculously long reply, proves that you have been completely brainwashed by deep state bullshit....the source material you have used throughout your article is complete jibberish hogwash ranting from anti-communist, religious zealot bible bashing idiots, deep state agents who pose as 'journalists' and establishment figures who all wanted him dead. None of these disinfo agents source to ANYTHING but the garbage that the FBI and CIA published.

I am not defending the man himself, instead I am discrediting your article because it's horrible , falsified in so many ways and your sources are ridiculously laughable. Your sources come from the very people who killed him....Get that through your thick skull.

@Steemtruth Hey Pali, we meet again. Palikari123 is obviously some sort of Russian/Communist troll agent, sent to harass anti-Communists and deny Communism, etc. He does the same things to other Steemians. I was caught offguard, took me a few minutes to figure it out, never been harassed by such an aggressive Russian/Pro-Communist troll or really knew they infiltrated social media/Internet. My guess is is crawling/infested with them.

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