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Helo I am blackjincrypto, I will give a review of an interesting project from the MIXIN network with the New Generation Transaction Network, What do we know that Bitcoin is now starting a new era for financial resources management that is very interesting for everyone in the world. People have regained their power to manage their own assets, to monitor how resources are being distributed and to save the economy is out of control by a handful of people Today, whether it's professionals or the general public accepts the idea behind Bitcoin and blockchain technology

we see the user base of the crypto currency is growing at a faster and faster speed than imagined. Unfortunately, Bitcoin suffered from the rapid growth of this adoption, the most significant problem was insufficient transaction capacity, slow confirmation and high transaction costs. Because of the very flexible and inflexible nature of Bitcoin, it is impossible to correct some critical weaknesses. Rather than repairing the original Bitcoin project, most people try to find new projects that discuss the different perceived Bitcoin shortages. So Ethereum, Monero, Stellar, Cardano and many more new blockchain have been found in the last few years. Almost all of them are trying to fix the Bitcoin problem while adding some of their own new features. However, they cannot save or add to the original Bitcoin network, and cannot interoperate with each other.

some people believe Bitcoin is working to overcome the shortcomings of Bitcoin and it certainly takes a long time, and they have proposed some very good solutions. The most significant one is

  • Lighting Network is a micropayment system built on the Bitcoin network without
    need modifications to the Bitcoin code.

  • Liquid from Blockstream which is a federation and two-way sidechain along with the Bitcoin blockchain. All of these efforts have put forward all Bitcoin networks without compromising security and distributed the true nature of Bitcoin's vision. Similar solutions have been proposed to Bitcoin competitors

  • Raiden Network in Ethereum. In this paper, I will try to propose a solution that might empower all of the widely distributed ledgers. I call this solution is Mixin. Mixin is not about creating other crypto currencies or competitors for whatever distributed ledger. Similar to what the Lighting and Liquid Networks are for Bitcoin blockchain, Mixin is a large book distributed publicly to allow public ledgers to be distributed publicly to earn trillions of polling stations, second final confirmation, zero transaction costs, enhanced privacy, and unlimited extensions.

What is Mixin?

Mixin is a project name from a blockchain or we can say it is a public blockchain and Mixin Network is a free and fast peer-to-peer transactional network for digital assets. Mixin is distributed as a cross-chain solution with built-in smart contracts that facilitate direct cryptocurrency security and crypto-asset transfers. This also allows developers to build a Mixin-based Crossin Network Protocol. As a TEE-powered BFT-DAG network, Mixin can connect all existing blockchain with unlimited throughput. Now supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Sia. In addition, Mixin will support all popular blockchains quickly.

I also want to introduce Mixin Messenger to be the first Dapp based on the Mixin Network, which was developed by the standard API. This is a simple and powerful light wallet for cellphones. You can read the tutorial below

Mixin Messenger Wallet Tutorial

Join to be part of a new breakthrough with the MIXIN project, because I believe this project has a good future

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