Psaki: Russian President Vladimir Putin Is Not Delivering on What He Promised


Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

When asked what U.S. intel says about whether Russia is pulling back its forces, Blinken said, “Well, there’s what Russia says and then there’s what Russia does, and we haven’t seen any pullback of its forces. They remain massed in a very threatening way along Ukraine’s borders. It would be good if they followed through on what they said, but so far, we haven’t seen it.”

That's what the Secretary of State of the United States Says. It must be true. The Secretary of state is never wrong. Bengazhi comes to mind...or Afghanistan. Never mind that. At this point what difference to it makes. We all know...KNOW..that our government would never lie to us and that the CIA is never wrong..


There's this guy on HIVE who wrote a post a few hours ago you might want to read.

I Was There the Day of the "Russian Invasion."

who says

Before I Even Begin, I Live In Eastern Ukraine!
Let me start off by saying that. I am an American civilian. I live in Industrialnya District, on the eastern edge of Kharkiv, Ukraine. If I spit out my living room window on a windy day, the spit lands in Russia.


Now who you gonna believe. A nameless guy on the internet or the CIA.

Right....guy on the internet has it hands down.

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