The advantages of Mirocana System

in mirocana •  11 months ago

1.Now your funds are managed not by a trader, but by self-reinforcing Artificial Intelligence.

2.AI does not get tired, it analyzes more than 2000 articles and news per day, constantly improving the quality of its forecasts.

  1. Mirocana uses 40 data sources for analysis: among them only financial information, but also fundamental and technical data, economic indicators, news, tweets, activity of traders, hedge fund managers and other market players, articles and even Google Trends.

  2. AI bases its forecasts on constantly improving strategies. By the beginning of Token Sale there are 140 of them, and the number is gradually growing.

  3. AI does not only use the strategies included in the system, but also creates its own, necessarily conducting a thorough testing and simulation to determine the quality of strategies and distribute appropriate weights for them.

  4. Mirocana does not transfer customers’ money to its accounts. Clients keep funds only on their existing broker and stock exchange accounts.

  5. Each user has a personal manager who helps at all stages of work — from registering in the system, to resolving disputes.

  6. The first 8 months after Token Sale no commission is charged for the system usage. After that, the company reimburses 25% of any incurred monthly losses.

  7. The company is developing three crowdsourcing platforms to improve the accuracy of forecasts, any of the participants of which can receive a reward for their contribution.

  8. The quality of forecasting is ensured not only by the core team, but also by thousands of professionals around the world with the help of unique crowdsourcing platforms.

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