Miracle Day 50 - Spreading the Miracle for my mentor, friend and family; sir @flysky

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Share your miracle story! Miracle continues! You are a miracle to me

We are warriors, our faith is stronger than the strongest storm.

We should never stop believing in hope, because like many of you, I believe miracles happen everyday.

Do you mind sharing your miracles? I would love to hear it.

Life is tough as they say, but we have to be tougher. I always believe that our creator will never abandoned us. Our family and friends are miracle in our lives.






Todos compartimos un sueño que puede ayudar a alguien que conocemos en nuestro círculo en la vida. Estoy en el camino de la vida para preguntar si usted y sus amigos podrían compartir todos nuestros milagros en la búsqueda de un milagro para mi hijo y muchas otras personas y amigos en su situación. ¿te gustaría unirte a mí en este viaje por el universo de esquina a esquina de nuestro planeta? Me gusta la energía positiva de mis amigos y el apoyo en un viaje de mi vida. Estoy buscando para encontrar milagro para mi hija y muchos más que creen en los milagros? **
Mi hija nunca aprobaría mi puesto y gran parte de mí cree que su felicidad en el tiempo presente es lo suficientemente fuerte para su viaje.

Lets share our positive miracle stories. I believe in miracles and I am on my mission path to hear about your view on miracles.

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Thoracic spinal cord injury T1-T12

Thoracic level injuries are less common because of the protection given by the rib cage.
Thoracic injuries can cause paralysis or weakness of the legs (paraplegia) along with loss of physical sensation, bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction.
In most cases, arms and hands are not affected. This area of the spinal cord controls signals to some of the muscles of the back and part of the abdomen.

With these types of injuries most patients initially wear a brace on the trunk to provide extra stability and help build up core muscles.**

Lumbar spinal cord injury L1-L5
Lumbar level injuries result in paralysis or weakness of the legs (paraplegia). Loss of physical sensation, bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction can occur. However, shoulders, arms, and hand function are usually unaffected.
The lumbar area of the spinal cord controls signals to the lower parts of the abdomen and the back, the buttocks, some parts of the external genital organs, and parts of the leg. These injuries often require surgery and external stabilization..

My daughter is 17 and she was injured in major car accident in 2005. She has incomplete spinal cord injury and can not walk on her own at this point

I believe that we all know or have someone in our circle that has some sort of injury or accident. This is nothing new to humanity. However we all have positive stories with miracles and some positive recoveries?

Together we can help our search for miracles together in form of story, video, book,text,..steem chat me anytime.

General Understanding your SCI .

Term, Spinal cord injury (SCI) occurs when the bony protection surrounding the cord is damaged by way of fractures, dislocation, burst, compression, hyperextension or hyperflexion.

The most common cause of spinal cord dysfunction is trauma, including motor vehicle accidents, falls, shallow diving, acts of violence, and sports injuries. Damage can also occur from various diseases acquired at birth or later in life, from tumors, electric shock, and loss of oxygen related to surgical or underwater mishaps.

The spinal cord does not have to be severed in order for a loss of function to occur. It can be bruised, stretched, or crushed.

Since the spinal cord coordinates body movement and sensation, an injured spinal cord loses the ability to send and receive messages from the brain to the body’s system that controls sensory, motor, and autonomic function.
Some of the resultant types injury go by the terms cauda equina, conus medularis, central and anterior cord syndrome, or Brown-Sequard syndrome.

Miracle 4.jpg

We all believe in Miracles - do you know of one in your town that could change the outcome of injury and help my daughter walk again. I am asking as a father and your friend.

We all share one dream that can help someone we know in our circle in life. I am on the journey and life path to ask If you and your friends could share all of our miracles in search for one Miracle for my child and many other people and friends in her situation. Would you like to join me in this journey across the universe from corner to corner of our planet?

I like positive energy of my friends and support on a journey of my life. I am looking to find miracle for my daughter and many more that do believe in miracles?

My daughter would never approve my post and big part of me believe that her happiness in present time is strong enough for her journey.

I have heard miracles are out there. I can only try to find it for her. If I don't try I will never know

  • I am part of publishing company and film making company and I hope my journey across distance together with all of my friends out there will have echo in our circle. This echo should be lighthouse to all those in dark that lost believe in Miracles.



Miracle Journey in search for last miracles left on our planet. Share with us your story.

Do you believe in miracles like I do.


oye @ flysky me conmueve mucho esta publicación por que me veo reflejado en ella hace 12 años fui operado de una ulcera que se me perforo pero ¿como fue posible que una ulcera explotara? bueno yo tengo 3 hernias discales a nivel lumbar l3,l4,l5 esta hernias no me permitían llevar un estilo de vida cómodo ya que vivia adolorido todo el tiempo .
como yo trabajaba en una empresa de comida rapida y eso me ocasionaba mucho dolor por lo fuerte que era me tomaba diariamente en ayuna una pastilla llamada: DICLOFENAC esta pastilla de anargesico se me pego al estomago y me perforo una llaga que tenia en mi estomago y tube que ser intervenido quirurgicamente el medico dijo que no era conveniente operarme la columna por que podia quedar en silla de rueda toda mi vida. lo cual no tuve el valor para operarme .
luego con el tiempo hace aproximadamente 2 años cai en cama .
no podia levantarme y las medicinas que me pegaban no me hacian nada mi esposa @oscarinakr como enfermera profesional hablo con un medico y le conto mi condicion la cual el doctor: FRANCISCO LOPEZ le recomendo que me pegara un tratamiento medico a base de esteroide . ese dia le ore a dios y le dije que me ayudara a levantarme de esa cama por que yo tengo que sacar a mi familia adelante y con fe me pegue el tratamiento.
para mi emocion a los 2 dias me pare y hasta el dia de hoy estoy de pies trabajando duro para ayudar a mi familia a salir adelante y ahora esperando un nuevo mienbro de la amilia llamado :ROMAN SANTHIAGO estamos trabajando duro para comprar las medicinas para el parto de mi esposa, definitivamente si creo en los milagros por que dios iso un milagro en mi vida y ahorita estoy de pies amigo @flysky la fe mueve montañas y a la final¿ ha donde llegamos? por su puesto a la cima . asi que sigue confiando y orando a dios que pronto con fe ella lo lograra.

hey @ flysky I am very moved by this publication because I see myself reflected in it 12 years ago I was operated on an ulcer that was perforated but how was it possible for an ulcer to explode? good I have 3 herniated discs at lumbar level l3, l4, l5 this hernias did not allow me to lead a comfortable lifestyle since I lived sore all the time.
As I worked in a fast food company and that caused me a lot of pain because of how strong it was, I took a fasting pill every day: DICLOFENAC this anargesic pill stuck to my stomach and I had a sore on my stomach and I had to be operated on surgically, the doctor said that it was not convenient to have my spine operated because I could be in a wheelchair all my life. which I did not have the courage to operate on.
Then over time about 2 years ago I fell into bed.
I could not get up and the medicines that hit me did not do anything to me my wife @oscarinakr as a professional nurse I spoke with a doctor and told him my condition which the doctor: FRANCISCO LOPEZ recommended to me to get a medical treatment based on steroid. That day I prayed to God and told him to help me get out of that bed because I have to take my family forward and with faith I got the treatment.
for my excitement after 2 days I stopped and to this day I am working hard to help my family to get ahead and now waiting for a new member of the family called: ROMAN SANTHIAGO we are working hard to buy the medicines for the my wife's birth, definitely if I believe in miracles because god is a miracle in my life and right now I am on my feet friend @flysky faith moves mountains and at the end, where have we arrived? of course to the top. So keep trusting and praying to God that soon with faith she will achieve it.

i am a student of engineering. but i never
remain to be an engineer.in my life i dont get any help from other.once i had no money. i went one of the rich person of my villege. he did't give me money.
so i decided to be a great person..and i got my turning point to a great life..
now my hard working keep me an engineering student.
flysky (63) · yesterday
The key is you have always stayed strong on your path. This is admirable and I respect you for that with all my heart. I can see your work and your dedication. Engineering takes a lot of you in its achievements and once you get there you will be on the top with positive energy and positive view on your past and where you came from. I salute your story as it is miracle.

Sir @flysky, I understand your feeling you are really a great father. I believe one day we will make it happen. Miracles happen everyday. I promise you I will look around and will gather some information about the doctors who can actually do this. Your daughter she is a tough girl and she is a motivation for all.
Thanks for sharing the story with us.
flysky · yesterday
Dear @tusharraina23 my friend,
I believe in this too. I am on journey to seek miracles that could bring change to some of us and my child. Great respect to any of my friend who can share miracle dm or here so we can all share positive energy of this event that will put more lights on our dark minds. This world is spinning against the clock and we can only try to navigate with charts charted by our ancestors in search for their lights. Light be upon this journey for all that are seeking miracles left on the planet as a sign of humanity and power of united minds in greatest mission above own. Mission that could inspire thousands and millions carefully threaded here at first steps on this humble journey of mine my friend.

I believe in miracle sir @flysky. I always believe that somewhere over the rainbow, there are natural forces and rites with positive energy that can heal inner one and spirit behind.
Remember, it is full of space, and universe offers everything.
Believing in something we dont see is a miracle per say. Trying something is noble when accompanied with faith.
I am praying that your daughter finds the miracle so she can fly in the sky again.
I can see how much you love her more than your life and that is so inspiring. GOD is watching you and he knows what your hearts desire. We will find the miracle together.
#We are family #Miracle

Well my brothers and I are the living evidence that God is real and that miracles exist.
In my first years of life I had a rare disease that doctors did not know, my stomach was growing very fast compared to my chronological age. My treating doctor gave my parents instructions in which a strict diet was included that was very complicated to comply with at that time because my parents could not afford it. My parents, in a moment of affliction, determined that they would not obey the doctor's instructions and began to give me all the things they did not allow me to eat and miraculously I was healed of that rare disease. Today I am a healthy person with a stoma stronger than ever

@flysky Thank you all for support.. I will keep you all along of my journey so we can all travel in times in search for miracles for people we love and care for and beyond.
I would be so kind to resteem this post I will be happy to vote for your comment so this post can serve higher and greater purpose for many to follow our journey.



Let us all join my friend's journey, sir @flysky. You can contact him directly or contact me anytime.

Thank you all in advanced.

This post is from sir @flysky. I am reposting it to help him find the miracle for his daughter. Credit to him. Thank you.

Discord channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/ymyb8CM

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