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Reconocimiento a la labor diaria, Especial Sueños o pesadillas - Apoya a @miprimerconcurso- Recognition to the daily work, Special Dreams or nightmares - Apoya a @ miprimerconcurso-
Hola queridos amigos de steemit, gracias por estar presente en mi blog y acompañar con la lectura de mi post.…
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#miprimerconcurso, presenta al ganador del día- #Miprimerconcurso presents the winner of the day
Hola queridos amigos de steemit, gracias por estar presente en mi blog y acompañar con la lectura de mi post.…
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I've seen a lot of movies, but my favorite psychological thriller is called "Psycho". Why is 'psycho' a popular…
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Let's start the day with coffee.
Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Millions of people start their day with a cup of coffee. I'm…
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Steem US Dollar (STEEM/USD) Price Charts for Nov 15th 2017 - 24h Change + 2.725%
The value of Steem at the moment is $0.9510. It has a current circulating supply of 246 Million coins and a total…
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margaretwise (59)in travel • 14 hours ago

Beauty, nature, danger and life in Panama. Leaving in beautiful place.
Panama's living conditions are more than European one, compared to the United States. Year after year grows faster…
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VOTEBANK - An Exclusive Upvote Subscription Service
Hello, i'm not a bot i just upvote. Today i want to introduce you a new subscription service. How to get…
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Daily STEEM price index chart 15.11.2017
STEEM price on different sites. MOST IMPORTANT: MOST IMPORTANT:
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Monkey Park and Bamboo Forest in Arishiyama, Japan (Original Content)
Our last day in Kyoto we thought we would visit some Monkeys at the Iwatayama Monkey park in the West Kyoto town of…
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Deer Park is AWESOME, Nara Japan (Original Content)
The best places to go are always free. At least that's been my experience since I began traveling in 2008 and Nara…
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Why is a grandfather so fond of his grandson?
Dear all. When the child is so big. A grandfather wanted the presence of a small child in his home. The little boy…
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Story of a handmade Silver Ring with GemStone Step by Step - Wie entsteht ein Silberring mit Edelstein Schritt für Schritt
Hi Steemians, Hallo Steemians today I have a different post for you. I had to do a ring for my wife, which I…
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Child trafficking is a reality faced by 600 million children under the age of 14 in the world, and the Information and…
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Steemit's HTML Whitelist
Steemit allows some limited HTML markup to be mixed into the Markdown for posts, but I was not able to find any…
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Gateways to the world
On our recent trip to Lisbon, I was struck by the variety of shapes and colours surrounding us with each step we took.…

Hola queridos amigos de steemit, gracias por estar presente en mi blog y acompañar con la lectura de mi post. #miprimerconcurso nació con la finalidad de apoyar a las personas que recién comienzan en la plataforma. Se trata de un concurso fácil de realizar, la idea es hacer cosas sencillas para que puedan participar todos, divertirse y ganar dinero.

Hello dear friends of steemit, thank you for being present on my blog and accompanying with reading my post. #miprimerconcurso was born with the purpose of supporting people who just started on the platform. It is an easy contest to realize, the idea is to do simple things so that they can all participate, have fun and make money.

Queridos amigos. Quiero compartir con ustedes la enorme felicidad que me provoca la aceptación de los concursos. Estamos creciendo no solamente en números, también lo hacemos en calidad de trabajos, por esta razón queremos apoyar a más personas.

Dear friends. I want to share with you the enormous happiness that the acceptance of the contests causes me. We are growing not only in numbers, we also do it as jobs, for this reason we want to support more people.

#followme @ajibsingh

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