To my friend @jlufer

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Because fraternity exists and comes dressed from @jlufer



I dedicate my words of gratitude to a wonderful being, an authentic person, fighter, sincere from the marrow and to all the immensity of the blue sky. A man, with an immense heart, in which he gave us shelter for a few months, making our initial transit through the Steemit Community, a safe, pleasant, truly motivating journey loaded with the purest human values.


He always called us to participate in his competitions and for five months, we were going to the call to share in brotherhood, having our creative talent.
Creativity full in each shared philosophical phrase, original or rightly selected from among many philosophers, intellectuals, universal humanists and our own crops. Beautiful memories of our childhood, emerged in each story told, beautiful dedications, children, brothers, mothers or friends.
A treasure of works that showed all the carats that our elders are worth, remember ?, "Why do we grow old?" and the famous "Dates that will remain engraved forever in our memory".
Pleasant memories, beautiful poems, beautiful coexistence, beautiful comments, interaction and I am sure, very sure, that, from "miprimerconcurso" we have cultivated the best friendships of the platform, of the Steemit community.
There, by the hand and good heart of the friend José Luis Fernández @ jlufer, motivating each week the value of friendship and fraternity, we find ourselves sharing confidences: "Why my username?", great surprises !! And the best of all, haha, the great revelations of "How do we get to Steemit?".
At every opportunity we took off our masks or masks and gave free rein to our beautiful feelings, which brought us to Steemit.

In my particular case, I thank you and I will thank you eternally friend @jlufer, for your great support, help, through the awards in SBD, which I was able to win in different opportunities in "miprimerconcurso" and that allowed me, by far, to face good part, the great expenses that the suffering of cancer of my husband brings.
Without knowing anything, because I never told you, you perceived my situation, spiritually, it would be and how many times, it filled me with anguish, imagining if some would think that @armonia, I won again. Today I confess, with deep gratitude, to all the compañ[email protected], friends, brothers of Steemit, who were and have been broad-hearted.

We have fun and we are scared with the stories of the crypt and although I am very short of free time, I always put a lot of effort to participate, however, I do not know why, I could not specify my contribution to the last contest: !"Special dream or nightmare ". Maybe ... I had a special sadness.

But, happy faces! ☺ ☺☺ ☺ It has been all so beautiful, it is good to smile and thank and have the great hope to meet again next year. Renovated and in optimal creative conditions to compete.
We will continue visiting each publication.

A big hug from my heart @jlufer. You are part of the Steemit Light and the Community must be proud to have you as a wonderful Steemians!


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Hello @armonia. I also join your words of gratitude for our friend @jlufer (José Luis Fernández), who gave us the opportunity each week to enjoy, learn, grow and make friends in the Steemit community.

Thank you @jlufer for your support and for giving each one of us a little bit of your great heart. I always follow you.

yess,you just tell the truth about jlufer.