Mint Club Pre-sign up finished with huge success!

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We have completed the two-week pre-sign up period for the upcoming project - Mint Club - from June 15 to 29, 2021. Mint Club is a smart token building platform that has no need to code and provides instant liquidity. Anyone can launch a smart token with just a few simple clicks. It will be launched during the 3Q 2021, but we will expedite the launch as much as we can.

MINT token has no token sale, no investors, and no free team allocation. It is minted ONLY in the following ways during the pre-sign up period.

  1. Swap HUNT tokens for MINT (1 HUNT : 100,000 MINT ratio)
  2. MINT community airdrop

Pre-sign up results


  • Total HUNT burned from the community: 7,183,524 HUNT
  • Total HUNT burned from the team (50% matching swap): 3,591,762 HUNT (burned TX)
    → Total burned HUNT tokens: 10,775,286 HUNT (~2 million USD market value)


  • Total MINT minted from the community swap: 718,352,400,000 MINT
  • Total MINT minted from the team matching swap: 359,176,200,000 MINT
  • Total reserved MINT for the community airdrops: 71,835,240,000 MINT
    → Total MINT supply: 1,149,363,840,000 MINT


  • Total airdrop applicants: 95,538
  • Airdrop tokens reserved to distribute: 71,835,240,000 MINT

Important schedule

  • June 29, 2021, 15:00 KST: Application closed
  • July 1, 15:00 KST: Telegram and Twitter validation form closes
  • July 5 - 10: Airdrop token distribution begins (it may take more than a week due to too many applicants).
  • July 7 - Mint Club main net test with the Launching Partners begins (will be performed with a private URL)
  • During 3Q, 2021 - Mint Club public launching and LP (MINT-BNB) pool on PancakeSwap will be provided.

Please note

  1. Only the applicants who maintain their following/subscribing status will get the airdrop tokens. You won't be eligible to get the airdrop tokens if you're not maintaining the following status of all our channels when we distribute the tokens.

  2. We will exclude duplicated submissions that are considered to be from the same person regardless of different wallet addresses, Telegram or Twitter names.

  3. Anyone who attempted spams, abusive actions, programmed alt operations, or any actions that disturbed the operation of the Mint Club pre-sign up and launching activities will be excluded from the airdrop distribution.

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