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It is not accurate to say there is zero original content. The three lines in italic on top of the post is original. And the image, though the flower and quote are not original, they are all free to use and using them, I created that image. So, that image is original. :-)
And it honestly didn't cross my mind that what I did was frowned upon - that is, posting jokes, sharing a laugh and making a couple of cents in return. Come to think of it, I can see your point, but there is nothing in the rules in Steem that I can't do what I do - except that I had to credit the source of my content.
Steemit would be very quiet if only original materials are allowed. Even the big fishes do it all the time. A couple of sentences followed by a video from dtube or YouTube. While my posts are not actually rocket science quality posts, my jokes bring on a smile or a chuckle and some people appreciate that. They don't have to upvote if they don't want to.
Anyway, I am a retiree passing time here on Steemit, and hoping to mine a few Steems along the way and if you think that that is too much, then I guess it's time to leave.
But if you do find it in you heart to forgive me this transgression, (forgetting to credit the source of my content), I would appreciate it if you could get the cheetah off my back. haha.. :-)
Have a great weekend. Cheers!

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What can users post to Steemit?
Steem is an open platform meant to host and welcome any legal content. Users can post anything they want, whether it be phrases, quotes, blogs, anecdotes, photos, videos, memes, songs, and more. Be creative!


Post whatever you want as long as you add original thought to it and source the original author.
Section about plagiarism is C L E A R


Understood. Thanks! :-)
But what I am trying to say and have been trying to explain is that jokes have no original author. Most of the jokes are spread from one person to another, through emails, messages anywhere and everywhere on the internet. Anyway, I learned my lesson, and I will put the source where I got the joke from - original author or not.
Cheers! Have a great day! :-)