The Game Taking all Players and Developers by Storm: Fortnite

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I just realized that I have not posted anything here about Fortnite. Given the amount of attention and growth the game has achieved in so little time, I thought I would give my thoughts.

As I have stated in the past, my gaming time has decreased quite a bit due to lost of interest of the game I previously logged many hours on daily like Call of Duty and Destiny. As I played less, my online friends looked for alternatives to play as well. They started playing Fortnite and when I would get on to play, I would hear the fund they were having so I decided to give it a try.

I think it is a great game to play casually but as I have seen how competitive it can become as tournaments and other competitive matches have started to get more attention in streaming services like Twitch. So I have been playing it at times that I am waiting for a bigger group before doing a Destiny raid or a COD ranked play grind.

It is quite entertaining and most of all, I am highly impressed on the amount of content the developers have deployed to a thirsty community. They have definitely challenge major developer models in both how to monetize and in providing consistent content. They have launched the Battle Royale genre into a new level.


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