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In honoring back to my followers, i will manually curate your post! Having 700 followers i guess is many enough to upvote your post daily, manually curate it, and i will be your avid post curator now!


Yes, i do register as curation trailer in streemian, to used this, i committed to roam arround my followers!

You will see this!

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Thanks for being @albertvhons follower. In return, I am connecting to your daily post!
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These I reserved my rights.

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Thanks that you appreciate it, i am trying to look back my followers, stay with whalepower community, andvthe minnowsupport, then mamually curated the good post! I learned alot from every post

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Congrats on reaching 700! Thank you for sharing. First to Upvote! :)


If your one of my followers, expect me to upvote your post!

Thanks for your support!

Brad unsaon pag unlock sa account sa streemian?


Para maunlock kuhaa ang private key sa posting, click wallet, permission, posting key, naa sa right side, click show private key

keep it up. . good luck on your project


Its giving back by upvoting followers post! Maybe this is good for connecting them, i lost some along the way!

Ang galing naman