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Ok, so, as part of my aim to support new users on the platform I want to make the Minnow Support Project spiffy!  Hot off the press is a new gif for the post series.  It's created by @juanmiguelssalas.  You might remember his work from this post: https://steemit.com/steemit/@juanmiguelsalas/9-animated-gifs-with-the-steemit-logo-to-use-in-your-post-or-to-promote-steemit

Juan created 9 truly beautiful gifs for the whole community.  It's because of that post that I reached out to him and asked him to create a Minnow Support Project gif.  

He created great work like this:

Without further delay, I give to you, the new Minnow Support Animation!

Minnow Support Project


Just added another from @liberty-minded

For the whales and followers upvoting and resteeming the project thank you!  For the contributors so happy to have you with us and we'll be announcing the second batch of winners tomorrow!  Hang in there!  We'll help you grow!

If you're wondering about the Minnow Support Project you can find the last post about it here: https://steemit.com/minnowsupportproject/@aggroed/minnow-support-project-weekly-minnow-resteem-liquid-post-rewards-to-contest-winners

Side Note

This is the exact kind of stuff that @stellabelle and her project can make so much easier for people to collaborate on projects.  Here's hoping and supporting her so that we can all benefit from that too!



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The GIFs look awesome! @juanmiguelssalas did great work. I particularly like the Minnow Support Project image. Super creative :)

Thanks boss!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey aggroed, do you know who is fantastic person?

Wow! That's super kind! :) I appreciate that!

Thank you! That's awesome

Sounds like an awesome project, @aggroed! Keep it up!!
I have just Resteemed and upvoted your post to show you my appreciation.

You're awesome! Thanks a ton!

If you like this kind of activity please consider voting for my witness too!

Sure, will consider it!

Great logo for a great initiative. Nice of you to spend so much time on giving back to the community.

It is these things which for me clearly seperate Steemit from the, much saltier, rest of the internet..

Wow. I'm really glad to be a part of that too! Thanks boss!


I am a minnow!
Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.41.00 PM.png

How did you find that picture of me? love it!


Great job @aggroed ! Keep it going :))

Glad you like it!!!


Thanks for doing all that you guys are doing. Let me know if I can ever help in any way!

Seems like an awesome project! The graphics are really cool as well!


Dude it looks pretty cool. What a place Steemit is. Those of us looking to get a leg up are lucky to be here right now. I can't speak for anyone else but it gives me confidence that the hard work will pay off at some point.
Kudos my man.

Yeah. It took me 8 months to get this far. And I'm still just starting. Hang in there!

Will do 👍

good looking out for all of us minnows struggling out here, how many other steemians are pushing towards our support? :)

Not enough. Just remember me when you're hugemungous.

I dont think I'll ever reach that level but I will always be greatful and thankful of you no matter what level im on sir ;)

GReat stuff, initiatives like these are great for the newcomers!

I'm glad you like it. I was really proud when I came up with this!

And you should be, top notch stuffery!

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I am a little confused how the gif helps the minnows?

:( It makes for a more appealing weekly post, which will hopefully attract more upvotes and resteems that pay out to the winners of the project!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@aggroed I don't know, recently I posted about making a fire place, and got 27 votes but 20 views... Some people just don't care what's inside /sniff sniff
We was probably easy when there was less people here, but now..

Well, that's the exact reason this project exists to try to help cool projects and people in the community get a spotlight.

oh man.. I just need some help

Not sure how to treat steem in regards to being a newer user. How to set proper expectations of what I need to put into the platform to get meaningful results to continue.

I just feel like the progress is hard to justify the hours per day I spend. I am all about working toward a larger goal that will come through hard work. Just establishing proper expectations is a little but challenging.

Do you look at this as building a business?
A full-time job?
Something you do on the side?

I hear you.
I best advice ...try and be nice, try and be helpful.
there are tons of good people here,and a lot of good resources, use the topics list, use the search bar.check out steenchat,and steem help if you are really stuck!
I am fairly new here too,this is my 3rd week,and these little magic boxes confuse me..
as for the site and income that is a tough one.. I am treating it like a hobby that pays me..as I improve and grow so will the flow..lol..
I hope that helps.

Thanks boss I check out the STEEM chat!

who you calling Boss! ...lol... I aint no Boss! or if I am! ewe can have the day off! with pay of course!...lol...
namaste :-)

You look like a boss from your profile pic ;)

that is my I don't give a fuck look!
need a new one of me caring! still working on that!!..lol.

isaac, I'm only at rank 42 (below you!). I've put in full days every day for almost 2 weeks and for that I made approx. $3.50! My spouse thinks I'm crazy and hates seeing me "wasting" my days at the computer.
I look at it this way: If I can get $10 in my account and Steem does what Bitcoin did, then that $10 will magically transform into $22,000 in about 6 years. Not a bad investment when you look at it that way!

Hi @happyme,
I could probably quote you word for word the same conversation with my wife. Until Just a week ago I got her to maker her first post @sarahjanele.

I have learned that are wives will always show us up in the long run. Good thing we marry up ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well, you are WAY ahead of me then! You actually convinced her to make a post! CONGRATULATIONS!
Now the big question is: Do you combine your Steem Power or work at it independently?

Woah!!! I just looked at her account... $222! Gee!! She's doing FANTASTIC!

She has deposited the majority from her ETH. But she has earned some of it.

You think it would be better to combined accounts?

What is ETH?
I'm not sure, but I think that by combining steem (transferring it to one acct.) would yield higher payouts faster. Mind you; if they balance it out more as I read they plan to do, that might no longer be effective. In that case, 2 smaller earnings MIGHT be more than 1 larger earning. For now, there are like 86 (can't recall the real number) accts. holding over 50% of the assets! At the same time, thousands of minnows hold only a tiny fraction.

Long term proposal. i had 0 in the account in september. It has 7000 in it or so now. I had zero followers. I have almost 1000. It takes time, but once you're big it can actually make money. Just hard slogging first.

I will just have to keep the faith and be ok putting in the time whatever the results may be.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

yeah. It hurts. My wall is filled with $0.04 posts.

Thanks for the support and empathy.

Pulling myself up by the bootstraps :)

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Love the animated GIF from @liberty-minded I also noticed a users name who'll figure in a post I spent all day working on yesterday and will hopefully be released today.

Keep up the support, the small fry need all the love they can get.


The GIFS look really awesome! Great work