Lol! I was using, and it didn't let me use the voting slider. So enjoy a 100% upvote hahaha... That's really odd if they don't have that feature, or maybe I just don't know how to access it

Cheers, have one back!!

Thanks haha. I already ruined my 1% voting experiment...

You follow the trail through a third-party service called Streemian. Once your account is verified (private active key, which gives upvote permission) you go to curation trails and click "follow" on minnowsupport. Then the system will automatically use your voting power to upvote registered members of the project's posts. However it doesn't seem to lower your voting power below 70%. It gives lots of tiny strength upvotes.

So signing up with Streemian is my first step? Ok bro, I'll get on my laptop and sign up..

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