Learning the Rules for Upvote, Resteem and Comment.

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Okay, Okay, I did say Rules but I will go into further detail about that now. As a new steemer, and student of steem of only two weeks now, it took me a while to grasp the "Rules" for voting. Here is what I came up with: There are absolutely no rules for how and when to upvote, resteem, and comment. I am sure that a few of you or even all of you have some way to determine what is worth a click or comment and what, in turn, is complete rubbish. Obviously, if you really like something, you give that little "u-turn" arrow a click, you reward the author and become a curator. Yup, it really is that simple!

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Growing up, my dad would give me this advice: "Give freely to others that which costs you nothing." As a minnow support advocate and partner of P.A.L., I release a lot of my steem power with steemvoter. I do give freely to others that which costs me nothing. Smiling at someone, saying hello, upvote, comment, or resteem. All of these actions cost me absolutely nothing. I feel that is the grand and awesome allure of Steemit! Best part is anyone can do it and everything you do, can and will, affect someone else's outcome. Whether its supporting them through college or helping them to pay for an extensive back surgery. Everyone has needs and I can think of only a few that cannot be fulfilled on steemit. A couple of them being Love and Human Contact.

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The only rule I have, is to give those minnows some upvotes to snack on. Minnow snacks help them grow up big and strong. By supporting them and help them grow, and they in turn, will support you back. I am considered a minnow myself but you have got to share the love to get some love. You may think that your vote isn't worth much and using an automatic voter such as steem voter won't make a difference, but it does. Everything I earn from upvotes goes directly into my steem power which allows me to give more back.

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Follow this link and learn how you as a minnow, can Become a Whale, by joining P.A.L. Peace, Abundance, Liberty. This post will walk you through signing up for discord chat, steem voter, and becoming a member. You could possibly be a mentor for other minnows that have comments, questions, and concerns.

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When I started writing this post I thought I was going one way with it, but I just let my thoughts flow this is where we ended up. I hope you enjoyed my ideas. Please comment, every upvote and comment will feed me minnow snacks! With that said be a PAL and take someone under your wing, and Always, Always, follow the Rules!

Have a good one. Q

upvote, comment, follow, resteem.

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UpVOTED & Respected Your Opinions. YOU are One of the RISING STAR of STEEMIT Community. See you @ TOP !!!

Thanks for your kind words!

i just followed you, follow me back and feel free to check out my account!

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Great knowledge of Steemit for a minnow (like I am as well) ;)

Thanks! I learn because I spend way to much time here. My wife gets upset with me.

Good luck there! We are little, but we will grow! =D

If you can keep this up, we will all be whales in a few months.

Good takes on things!

There are no rules, but there are suggested best practices. Only vote for things you like and want to see more of. Resteem things you think your followers will enjoy as well or should see, perhaps, in the case of technical news about the platform or the coin and such like that. Only post what adds value and is original, or originally augmented in your post in some fashion.
Long form posts are valuable to some, basic simple meme posts are valuable to others, so value IS relelative. Find your voice, and your audience will find you if your voice is worthy of being heard, be it long essays, research reports or just good old dank memes (Which I hereby officially have proclaimed many times to date, should be called steeme's here instead of memes, by the way!)

Those are all good, and righteous and true guidelines for sure and they will take you far!

But I have to point out, because the snark, sarcasm and humor are strong with me...

Beets are the future!