Moderator Meeting Minutes- 4/7/18 and 4/14/18

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in an effort towards transparency the Minnow Support Project puts out meeting minutes. These are meant to show how the moderator team makes decisions and what we're trying to work on to fulfill the mission of the project: To spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, grow the steem ecosystem, and train and retain new members on the platform. Moderator minutes are generally published slightly after one month after the meeting has occured. Sometimes a little later because life.


No Emergencies

Saturday Forum Witness Panel 3/31/18

Clay made a complaint against Bosun
Shane said to give him an official warning

Reveiwed Mod Meeting minutes to post


Pal and Moderator

Cool down at 48 hours is more sustainable
The bot is upmore than asleep

so everything is good


EDIT Mod Meeting 4/14/18

@aggroed, @clayboyn, @followbtcnews, @gmuxx, @isaria, @ma1neevent, @neoxian, @peachymod, @r0nd0n, @teamsteem

No emergencies

Sounds of Steem went well

Next week's Forum - Qanon
Alleged military insider that has been communicating to the public through 4 chan and 8 chan

Witness voting:

Curie wants us to vote for them, but they need to make an official Curie post about it. It can't be a random curator who makes the post.

Publishing mod meeting minutes

We are missing 2/4 through 3/27

We approved 3/27


Palnet Operations - skipped because Crim and Disco aren't here

Finance - payment for the RPC node so Follow will submit his invoice

Msp-lambo - we picked a minnow winner

Msp-curation - Shane set up the curation trail and Julia will make a post on Minnow Support

HR - continuing to invite new members through comments

Make a Minnow - waiting on Daniel for the tool
Julia will post the latest post in mod pit every week to remind us to vote

MSP-waves - It's all good

Msp music and art - It's all good

Pal studios - Hoping to start a news station- steem price dependent

Issue with a member - Moderator shares they are vote begging and he should be kicked

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a way to mute steemix would be nice. its only 2kb each post, but @ every 3-4 mins, on tethered data, adds up.

have tried various options, to no avail

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I really like your explanation. I like to follow your post.
I hope many support us who are still in the low level by way of vote me thank for your attention .