Mod Meeting Minutes - 4/28/18

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We publish meeting minutes to give some transparency as to how we operate. Aggroed is currently behind on doing this, but will try to catch up some more this coming week. In the meantime we present Minutes from 4/28/18.

In Attendance:
@aggroed, @clayboyn, @crimsonclad, @gmuxx, @isaria, @juliakponsford, @swelker101, @r0nd0n, @followbtcnews

New Meeting Time

Wednesday night 8 PM EST starting May 9th.



Saturday Forum

Witness forum went well
Next forum will be for the Venezuelan Community


Mod/Pal Operations

Minnow was down, but now it's back
Discussion on new ideas for minnow voting
Chat has been more active
Daniel made some improvements


Shane needs to look through payments for posts
Shane wants to discuss Lambo with Clay to see what else we can do


Aggroed and Ausbitbank upped the delegation!
It's now around 22,000
We will make another post about vote following on steemauto next week


No news


Moderators have stepped up to all help with AAT
New ideas for minnow will help
Disco did a recent prune


Daniel finished the tool and it's working well


Been working on improving streams and show handoffs.
Working on recording show promos when backfill is playing
Still working on the reporting
App- HLS stream works on everything - looking to replace twitch


Auto votes weren't working so Isaria put the delegators on steem auto until Crim's new program is ready


Aggroed had an idea is supporting developers with an Angel fund - to fund new projects
Reminder to pay Daniel
Clay suggested doing a type of Steemgigs

Concerns- The following portion is a note about the user @getslothyy who is also @fatpandadesign and possibly others. He's been scamming people on and off the blockchain. This discussion was initially private, but has become more public as he failed to make amends.


Created slothcoin - by borrowing money from neoxian, realwolf, raggaemuffin
gambled and lost the money
then asked neoxian for a loan
realwolf figured it out

The owner key is taken when neoxian gives the loans

They figured out a payment schedule (later on you'll see he fails to meet his obligations, but that happens after these minutes were recorded)

  • It's worth noting that personal things like this are typically changed from detailed personal information to "a user" but in this case where it is likely he's going to continue causing problems and failed remediation we think it's in the public's best interest and safety to resolve through public notice.
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