Minnow Support Mod Meeting 9/04/2018

The Minnow Support Project is a publicly run organization built on the Steem Blockchain with the mission to spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty; help the Steem ecosystem grow, and train and retain new members on the platform. As part of the project we take meeting minutes and share them publicly. We're currently behind on publication and this is part of the process to catch up.


  • No Emergencies


  • Sounds Of Steem this Saturday


  • No new news


  • Victoria has been curating


  • It's getting hard to find proper introduction posts under the tag


  • No new news


  • Voting round has started


  • RDP crash this week, was able to miigrate to new server with no downtime
  • 3 Shows ending this week
  • App is almost done


  • Git-hub is up

Steem Studios

  • Should be up and running shortly

I'm trying to get back in touch with the @minnowsupport mods.
Was banned due to unwittingly having two discord accounts in your PAL discord server.
There was another server which I was in and discussing with mods about this some months ago but now I can't find it.

Any help or an invite link to the other server highly appreciated. Thanks.

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