Mod Meeting Feb 2nd 2018

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In an attempt to keep the public informed of what the Minnow Support Project leadership does and how they do it the organization publishes meeting minutes. These are minutes from Feb 2nd 2018. An effort is underway to get more caught up than we are at present. This is made a little difficult because of some missing meeting mintues in February and a few missed meetings in February, but we're working on it.


@aggroed, @crimsonclad, @isaria, @ma1neEvent, @Disco, @juliakponsford, @rougebot, @swelker101, @teamsteem, @r0nd0n, @drakos, @ausbit, @gmuxx, @kubby, @clayboyn , **@followbtc, **@stitchy
*= Left early


  • Watch MSP Waves Chat
    • Set Guidelines for appropriate behavior in chats

Meeting Topics

  • NSFW Promotion Channel
    • Do we change channels to 18+?
    • r0n made motion to make #truth 18+, Seconded by Ausbit - motion passed
  • Witness Voting
    • JR Swab - Passed
    • Stoodkev - Passed
      • Will approve once server is up 30 days as per bylaws


  • MSP
    • Bug in voting where votes under 2% are treated as 2%
    • Upvote command that user will be pinged when MS is sleeping
    • $ustats for MS information for Mods
    • Add danielsoari to MSP-Mods voting
      • Seconded by Gmuxx
        • Passed
    • Motion by Shane to have MSP pay $200 per month
      • Seconded by Kubby
        • Passed
  • Finance
    • Discussion of the splits for committees posting through MSP
    • Active Mods on Comittees are included
  • Curation
    • Everything is good
  • AAT
    • Torico is doing well with the role


2 Quick updates for Month of April

Self Voting picture- nearly 6000 accounts voted in the last 2 weeks and no self voting at all!

17382 Members!

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I hope the minnow project is getting ahead... It's a great platform.... Wish you all the best @minnowsupport
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Minnowsopport is a good platfrom. I want to use this to grow up here.

I sincerely hope the minnow project is getting ahead of it as many steemi users support the @minnowsupport project

Thank you for keeping us informed and the permanent support to the whole community

Thank you so much for efforts! More power to all and I do hope so you can achieve your goals in helping the minnows like me! Keep it up!

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