500 Steem Followers Contest

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I finally reached 500 followers


Hello all,
I just hit the 500 follower milestone and to celebrate I will be holding a contest for my follwers. To participate you must Up-Vote, Comment, Follow or be a Follower, & Re-Steem this post. I will pick a random winner at the end of 7 Days. The lucky winner will receive one $1SBD, 5 upvotes, 5 re-steems, and 5 comments from me.

Remember to be eligible you must
Good Luck




Upvoted, Resteemed, thank you

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Good luck everyone :)

Congrats Steemer!! Keep going.
2018 will be a great year!!

Congratulation, done everything for the contest

Upvoted, Resteemed, thank you

how the hell do you have more followers than me? lol

well, you earned the upvote from participating , so i'll decline the chance in favour of the others here who reply

i don't comment everywhere every time , please don't consider this bot-spam lol

thank you for your patronage @mitchconnor

i'll resteem @sakhmet , why not tu.png

good luck, hang in there ! ! !

Congrats.. U deserve 1000!!!

Congratulations to you. I just upvoted you and resteemed your post. Weldone.