Voting Service Return On Investment 2018-06-04

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Break-even point today is $1.78 vote value for 1 SBD and $2.27 vote value for 1 Steem.

Why this information

I am providing this information for those who would like to use bid-bots or other voting services to upvote their posts with unique high-quality contents. They can use this information to determine at what point it is profitable or not in making a bot purchase.

One of the common mistakes people make in using bid-bots or other voting services is thinking that as long as they get $1 vote value for $1 SBD bid or $1 Steem bid, they are breaking even. However, in reality, it is not! (Up to 25% of vote value goes to curators and half of the remaining is divided by steem price.)

Author Reward = 37.5% of vote value in SBD + 37.5% of vote value in Steem (divided by steem price)

Please see table below for ROIs from 1.50x to 2.75x vote value.

Voting Service ROI Updateby @cheneats
Datetime (UTC)2018-06-04T01:00:02
SBD Price1.99498
Steem Price2.55465
SBD Break-Even Point1.78x
Steem Break-Even Point2.27x
Vote Value / Bid Ratio1.50x1.75x2.00x2.25x2.50x2.75x
SBD ROI-15.55%-1.48%12.59%26.67%40.74%54.82%
Steem ROI-34.05%-23.06%-12.07%-1.08%9.91%20.90%


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